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Ibanez K7APEX2 7-String Electric Guitar Green Shadow Flat

"Ibanez Munky signature series electric guitar Ibanez hardshell case included Mahogany body 5 piece Maple Wenge Wizard-7 Prestage neck 24 jumbo frets Bound Rosewood fingerboard APEX 12th fret inlay Tone Pros 7 bridge DiMarzio PAF-7 humbacker neck ...

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An interesting twist on the Ibanez 7... featured

Sound I have owned a ton of Ibanez 7's...
This one was just enough of a twist on the classic iconic Ibanez 7 template that it really is an different animal.

First step...
If you are one of those people who refuses to use a guitar that is in any way associated with Korn you are really misiing out. This guitar is really cool unique twist on the modern 7 & should be in any serious 7 string players arsenal.

The Apex has a nice, matte green finished mahogany body with a Tone Pro's non trem tailpiece, which instantly yields a different tonal timbre and feel than the usual basswood/floyd rose equipped RG's.

To make this one even MORE different it has a pair of LOW OUTPUT DiMarzio PAF 7's mated to a 3 way blade switch & a single volume control.

The Apex also has that cool Jem inspired tilted output jack featured on the JS & Jem series, which is cool & keeps you from accidentally unplugging yourself on stage & looking like a complete idiot.

It has a nice clear full tone, clean or distorted playing sounds really great.
If you are accustomed to higher output bridge pickups, you really are not going to dig this guitar much.
Personally, I wasn't really feeling the low output bridge pickup, but the PAF 7 IS a really great pickup.
I thought the rhythm tones were nice & clear but for leads it kinda bugged me...just not enough output.

I like a bridge pickup at LEAST in the 300 output region aka Fred/PAF PRO and the PAF 7 is in the 220 I believe, which sounded kinda thin IMO...

Thru my live rig it sounded crunch and clear, but not alot of ummmphhh for leads.
Good cleans, could probably get more varieties out of the PAF 7's with Ibanez's Split 5 wiring system, which I'm guessing would really make this come alive.

The neck had a really nice profile and the binding & Apex logo looked cool.

A big plus is it doesn't have that rediculous looking K7 logo on the 12th fret that had kept me from buying a K7 previously...


Overall, it's a really good guitar.

Better than a 7321, not quite as good as a RG 1527, although not TOO far off.

I think although the PAF 7's are what make this guitar unique...
But I think a hotter bridge pickup would have been a better choice...

But what the hell do I know, that's probably why Munkey has 2 signature models & I have zero..

If they made a PAF PRO or FRED 7 and made that the OEM bridge pickup for this guitar and used the Split 5 switching on this guitar it would officailly be my GO TO guitar until they pry it from my cold dead hands.




Action, Fit, & Finish Guitar was setup decent from the factory, nut was kinda high, intonation was decent.

It has a Green-ish matte finish, which seemed pretty tough.

Binding on the neck was spot on, frets were finished well, no high frets or dead spots.

Pickups were direct mounted & set to the appropriate height.

Action was decent...

Reliability & Durability Used it for several shows, never had a problem with tuning, durabilty or anything.
It's pretty much a tank.

I'd feel comfortable using this without a backup, especially being that it's a NON TREM guitar.

Also, it photographs well..

Customer Support Never used Ibanez customer support...
No clue?

Liked about it 1.good quality non, trem 7 with familiar Ibanez RG 7 feel..
2.PAF 7's

Didn't like 1.5 way split switching would have been a more versatile choice
2.PAF 7's
3.More color options?

Overall satisfaction:

By Shreddy Krueger
Dec 31, 2009
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