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Ibanez Matt Bachand MBM1 Electric Guitar Black

Musical Instruments:Guitar:Acoustic:Left-Handed

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Hardtail for the hardcore shredder! featured

Sound So for the metal player that might look a Paul Gilbert signature and say "I need a more hardcore guitar", this might just be the axe for you. It has an incredibly comfortable arched like the RGA series, but like the PGM, it has only 1 volume knob, located conveniently right beside where you are picking, and the 3-way switch is down further away. Its EMG 81/60 pickups are incredibly strong and articulate, giving it all the tight, shredding sounds needed for modern metal and rock. On the bridge, lead and rhythm sounds sear and are slightly bright, but cutting, enough to cut through the mix properly. Simply destructive in all the right ways. The neck pickup is dark and doesn't muddy up terribly. It really sings out on the higher frets, especially when doing sweeps or a single note solos. It cleans up relatively well using the volume knob (not quite as much as passive pickups, but still pretty well being wired directly with only one volume knob!) Having that electronics setup gives it a much more direct sound, and you can hear the guitar's tone and articulation even more clearly and nicely. Its kind of refreshing for the usual EMG sound! The hardtail stays in tune great, during even the most shredding abuse, and allows for quick tuning changes!

Action, Fit, & Finish The neck is really spectacular! Everything you would expect from the Prestige line; pretty much immaculate polishing job and beveling. The neck is super flat and level, a sheer delight to play and super comfortable. It's a guitar not for the faint of heart, but certainly makes you feel confident in your playing. While i'm not crazy about the graphic on it, it's Matt Bachand's signature graphic and all. The black finish seems to attract finger smudges and pick scratches relatively easily, so for such a high priced guitar it's one that is gonna need some serious upkeep to remain in "case queen" condition if you don't plan on just sheerly abusing it.

Reliability & Durability Reliably? Sure! It simplicity of design equates to a guitar that isn't going to break down on you or require much upkeep. The hardtail bridge is pretty much a "set it and forget it" design! Awesome! Finish durability? I think not! Black guitars are asking for scratches and abuse. This one seems to be no exception. During my test time, this high dollar beast looked like I had practically played a show with it...much less wondering what would happen if I HAD played a show and sweated all over it!

Customer Support Ibanez customer support is top notch.

Liked about it 1) Simplicity at its greatest.
2) Killer tones.
3) Shred city.

Didn't like 1) Black finish is asking for hurt.
2) Some people may not like the hardtail.
3) Price...I would rate this guitar a 3.5/5 honestly

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By SonicProvocateur
Dec 21, 2009
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