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Ibanez MTM2 Electric Guitar Black

When a player like Mick Thompson of Slipknot wants something, he gets it. Mick wanted classic IBZ V7 and V8 pickups,Done.An Edge III fixed bridge for killer sustain,You bet.Jumbo frets for great playability, tone friendly mahogany body and the 5 ...

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Great for Metal featured

Sound For starters this is definitely a metal guitar. It comes with active Seymour Duncan pickups. The best description I can give for these pickups is they are "almost" blackouts. They don't quite sound like the AHB-1's but they are great stock pups.Although they aren't quite AHB-1's they do sound very djenty and do a very nice job of giving you a Meshuggah esc tone on a six string, very good mids. Keep in mind as well that there is no tone knob on this guitar so the sound you get will be completely determined by your amp. I ran this through a line 6 spider IV combo amp, and a Peavey 5150 with a mesa roadster cab with V30's. This guitar blew me away for the price. Right out of the box it delivered incredible tone out of both amps. It sounded far more brutal than I thought a $600 six string would sound. Once again keep in mind that if you buy this guitar you should be buying it for metal and that alone, it is really not very good at anything but. The cleans on this guitar are not very good, but you usually find that the cleans are bad with any active pickup out there.

Action, Fit, & Finish Something that could be a deal breaker for some people is the painted neck. A lot of people really can't stand these as you cant move your hand up and down the neck as fast. Although that's just a matter of opinion, there are a ton of people who like painted necks just fine would say it makes little to no difference. This guitar also features a reverse headstock. this thing is a blessing and a curse, it looks really cool but you need to wind the strings the opposite way that you normally do and the tuners are a little more difficult to deal with because they make you reach around the guitar. These problems become pretty much void if you own a string winder, if you don't have one you can probably pick one up at your local music store for around $5. The action on this guitar came set up perfectly for the lower tunings like drop B or A. As for the bridge it holds up very nicely. It is very convenient in the way that it gives you almost as much tuning stability as a Floyd and it's much easier to deal with as it is fixed. Something else I feel I should mention is it says in the official description of this guitar that it comes in drop B, C#,G#,E,B,F#,B. That is not drop B, the C# should be lowered to B. It really doesn't matter to much but I really think they should know their tunings.

Reliability & Durability I have had this guitar for about a year and done quite a few shows with it. During that time it has held up amazingly well. I have had no issues with this guitar ever. I've never needed to adjust the action, the paint looks as good as new and the guitar shows no signs of age. This guitar would suit any metal player great as a back up or even as their main guitar. Although if you are very serious and play a lot of shows I would recommend a better guitar as a main, something in the thousand and up range. This guitar is great but the difference between this and something like lets say a soloist is fairly significant. Basically if your music is your job you should probably be using a guitar that's $1,000 or more. Still though this is one hell of a guitar for its price, I have never had a guitar this cheap that I actually liked before. When you pick up any guitar you can feel its quality, and this guitar feels very high quality indeed.

Liked about it Absolutely amazing guitar for metal.
* The best guitar I have played in it's price range.
* Comes with very good stock pickups.

Didn't like Painted neck.
* Reverse headstock can be annoying.
* Not good for anything but metal.

Overall satisfaction:

By dudebroman
Jan 03, 2012
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Not what I am expecting ... featured

Sound I connected this guitar with my Mesa / Boogie Tripple rectifier. I am very disappointed with sound both clean and dirty. I know that it is a cheaper version for person who loves Mick Thomson, but this guitar doesn't deliver Mick sound! Clean is not bright and clear and the distortion has no powerful at all!!

I spent $600 for this guitar because I love my hero, Mick and wanted to complete my MTM collection, but if you had a chance to buy only one guitar and have to use for years or more. Please skip this one.

Action, Fit, & Finish Made in Indonesia factory. Touching from the box is pretty bad, but I asked people in the deal shop adjust for me before taking home (Dont get me wrong why I take another one. I tried 8 of them and they have no more in the store and all 8 are bad!) Finishing is not good enough to put Ibanez on the head stock. I noticed some dirty and not smoothen color on all 8 guitars I tried at the store. Less and more, but I picked the one which has less problem. Bridge is poor quality which easy to see by eyes. Ibanez logo on the bridge made by sticker which is ready to split off anytime. Ibanez logo on the head stock is just a paint job not a decal like Korean or Japanese made. Neck is painted black, but poor quality.

Reliability & Durability I have had this guitar for a year and playing sometime (I replaced stock pups to Seymour Blackout to get better sound)I can say that hardwares are easy to get tarnishing. As you can see that hardware is a cheapo not genuine one.

Customer Support I have never dealt with Ibanez directly, but their dealer where I purchased is GREAT !

Liked about it I bought it because I want to complete my MTM collection (I have MTM1 already.) Beside that i found nothing interesting.

Didn't like - poor quality of work.
- poor quality hardware.
- poor quality paint job.
- poor factory setup.

If you are going to purchase your first guitar or have to use for years. Please skip this one.

Overall satisfaction:

By here.choo
Aug 04, 2009
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