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Ibanez RG350MDX Electric Guitar Black

Musical Instruments

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Good value entry guitar, minus the trem! featured

Sound Well, for an entry level guitar, you can see where they cut the costs and part of it is in the pickups. I'm a hard rock player, so I don't need a metal sound, but I like pickups with high output and wide dynamics - these are low output and to be frank, very dull. They come in H-S-H combination, so you can get a decent amount of different tones in there (depending on what sound you are after). But if you been playing any length of time and have a valve amp, you will want to change the pickups - slam some Dimarzio's in there and she should sing.

Action, Fit, & Finish The setup was ok, bit high for my liking (that said however, a lot of even the high end Ibanez guitar's come setup fairly poorly in my opinion, at least when we get them here in South Australia). The neck for me is awesome, I actually like the thicker Wizard II necks better than the original (I must be alone here, cause everyone raves about the original). One thing I noticed when I took the neck off was that one of the screw holes had a small crack in it, which I thought was pretty poor. But otherwise, not too bad. Pickups once again were not very good, but I guess you can't expect much. Edge III, whilst setup ok, looks very flimsy, lots of the parts now on the trem I notice are now plastic, I don't expect it to last.

Reliability & Durability I thought it would crumble, but I have to stick up for it here - I've used it as my thrash guitar and it has more than withstood me punishing it - I really haven't had any problems with at all. That said, a floyd without a backup (especially the Edge III) isn't very sensible at all.

Customer Support I have never dealt with Ibanez personally, so I couldn't tell you.

Liked about it The neck - I'm a sucker for maple necks, hence why I bought this guitar. I also like the fact that it's thicker than the original wizard, I like the feel of the neck.
The price - Very cheap in light of the neck I was after.
The durability - I was very pleasantly surprised with the beating this thing can take, it's nice to have a guitar that I can thrash without having to baby it.

Didn't like Pickups - Yep, there not the best, but what can you do when pay AUD $750 for a brand new guitar.
Edge III bridge - I actually plan on just taking the neck, getting a new body and creating a hard tail out of this baby. These Edge III bridges don't look they will last very long, I notice the amount of wear on the knife edges in a relatively short time.
The small crack in the screw holes in the neck joint - pretty disappointing really, I was pretty surprised.

Overall satisfaction:

By AussiePGFan
Oct 14, 2009
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Good entry-level Ibanez RG if you're not a heavy t featured

Sound This guitar has a very standard flat EQ sound with the stock pickups. As an entry-level guitar, there's not much to be expected from the electronix, standard master volume, master tone, and 5-way switch. As with all of the RG H-S-H guitars there is a good variation in the tones you can coax from this guitar, but I found that to really be useful I swapped the neck and bridge pickups for Duncan JB & Jazz neck. Now this guitar really burns. I guess it's just a function of the combination of the neck and body woods mixed with the pickups.

Action, Fit, & Finish The action on this guitar was very high when I got it so I lowered it to my liking. I actually have this guitar set up with D'Addario .008--.038 strings and can get monster bends out of it. I'm not the biggest fan of the Edge III tremolo. Having many trem-equipped guitars, I can honestly say the Edge III is my least favorite of the lot. The one on my 350MDX is "notchy" and needs to be pulled back up a little after a dive-bomb, and doesn't stay in tune very well. My other Edge III-equipped RG4 doesn't have the notch problem but still isn't the most stable trem I've experienced.

Reliability & Durability While the guitar sounds and plays very well, the problems with the Edge III and tuning stability would keep me from using it without a backup guitar. While I don't think the guitar would quit on me in the middle of the set, I think I'd probably have to tune it at least twice during a normal set.

Customer Support Never had occassion to contact Ibanez tech support.

Liked about it I'm a sucker for maple fret boards, so I'm glad they offered this model with a maple fret board. The fit and finish are nice and it's a good value for the price. With the upgraded pickups, this guitar is gig-worthy if you're not a heavy trem user.

Didn't like As mentioned, the guitar has trem stability issues. Also, and this is a problem with a lot of the newer RG models, changing electronics is tough because they're mounted to the pickguard instead of to the body. The Wizard II neck isn't my favorite as it's noticeably thicker than the original Wizard neck, but for those who like a little more to hold onto it's a good, solid neck that still plays fast.

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
Aug 06, 2009
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A major regret and Impulse Buy

Sound I think the main problems here are the flat and lifeless INf pickups, actually the single coil isn't too bad not up to the standard of the ibanez S1 which I quite like, but it's not terrible the the bridge and neck pickups however are terrible I don't think they are suite for Basswood guitars, as the S520's I tried had a generally better sound to them...

It didn't matter what the guitar was played through it still maintained a boring dull and almost digital sound even through valve amps...whilst my other guitar sounded thick and meaty this sounded weak and weedy...

Action, Fit, & Finish Setup was good due to the store it came from the tech actually does more than eyeball the guitar....

However when trying to go from 9-42 to 10-46 gauge strings the bridge decided that the it didn't want to work with these strings at all and would not settle even with the springs fully screwed in to counter the higher tension, I have never had this problem going from 9's to tens on any guitar with any other floating bridge.

Granted the EDGE III feels fine when it does work, it has a very smooth feel to it, but it's no where near as solid feeling as an OFR or EDGE bridge, the tension adjustment is a nice feature but its materials are so weak and cheap it's just not worth the hassle...

One plus is the route can fit the OFR or Gotoh floyd, or EDGE Pro however depending on how good the rest of the guitar is I wouldnt necesarrily bother if the body is dead and unresonant like mine was a better bridge will not make this guitar much better...

Action was fine finsih was good other than being far too thick, but I didnt ntoice any flaws or ugly finishing, even the cavity was half decent...

frets were nice a little noticeable on the sides but they werent sharp, that could be due to the maple neck and the wood contracting...

Tuners felt fine inlays were done well the maple was good.

I personally cant stand the Yardstick Wizard II imo it's a horrible profile and regardless of being thicker feels bad because it's so square adn flat, I hated my old LTD neck for the same reason as it would give me fatigue/cramp in my left thumb, whereas most of the other necks I have feel fine no matter how long I play for...

Reliability & Durability fairly durable, I'd give the reliability a big no no due to the EDGE III far too flimsy t be trusted, plenty of broken ones around to prove this, i've even seen one guy who had to machine/mill a new lower part for the sustain block as the original one snapped/sheered in half.

The electronics felt ok as did the jack and switch, same goes for the tuners...

Customer Support Never had to deal with Ibanez had to send it back to the store for the tech to get it intune for 10-46 gauge strings, he got the bridge level guy must be a miracle worker...

Liked about it The neck and inlays looked good, the electronics didnt crakle and felt sturdy, as did the jack and switch.

Tuners werent too bad...

Didn't like Firstly the wizzard II neck horrible square thing that could give others hand cramp like it did for me.

Secondly the Pickups really really bad, possibly on a par with EMG selects...

Finally the EDGE III, what a terrible bridge, it's bridges like this that can stop people from getting on with floating bridges in general...
Luckily I think this is eventually going to be replaced with the EDGE Zero II, as it now features on the green 350M

Overall satisfaction:

By ozzuk
Mar 23, 2011
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