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Ibanez S320 S Series Electric Guitar Weathered Black

Musical Instruments:Guitar:Electric:Right-Handed:Ibanez

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Better than I expected featured

Sound I got this guitar as a reentry into guitar playing after having been out for several years. I wanted a mahogany body, tremolo and two humbuckers. Oh, and inexpensive.

I found this one and hated the way it looked but it fit every other criteria I had. I'm glad I did it. Acoustically, it rings out and sounds great. Plugged in in has a very warm and thick sound, not quite Les Paul but very nice. There's a five way pickup selector that allows for very diverse tone offerings from the Infinity 1 and 2 pickups.

I have considered switching out the pick ups for some Dimarzio's and still might at some time but I'm actually fairly happy with the stock pickups with my Jet City amp. They manage a really good classic rock sound and are diverse enough to take me from raunchy to mellow with a flick of the switch.

Ibanez s320 reveiw (video)

Action, Fit, & Finish The set up was a little high out of the box and the neck needed a little tweaking but overall not bad. The fretwork is immaculate, far better than I expected from a Korean import and far better than others I've seen. I'd compare it favorably to my MIJ RG570. The Wizard II neck is a little thicker than the Wizard but it's nice to grab hold of and really dig in.

Reliability & Durability I hated the finish on it when I first saw it, that weathered black, somewhat unfinished look. But I've realized over the last few years that it's a blessing and the perfect practice guitar. If I bump anything with it, you'll never know, it just blends in with the finish. Other than that, no problems at all. I would have no problems gigging with it if I gigged.

Customer Support No contact at all.

Liked about it Honestly, my favorite thing about this guitar is the ZR tremolo system. It's a little stiff if you leave the ZPS system intact but by removing the stabilizer bar and allowing it to free float it really makes a difference in feel. Never goes out of tune on me and it's rock solid.

The neck is smooth and comfortable to play, great fret dressing and easy to navigate around on.

The body is light, thin and comfortable yet still gives me a nice, rich, thick tone.

Didn't like Like I said, the finish turned me off at first, but it's grown on me. I may refinish it some day just for fun.

The neck is thicker than my other Ibanez, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Overall satisfaction:

By Coopster
Jan 15, 2011
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Worth all the money featured

Sound The sound is a bit difficult to explain as long as it depends on so many things. I used a lot of pickups in this guitar. I just don't remeber the way the original pickups were sounding because I just didn't play them any more than 20 minutes.

I used DiMarzio Humbucker from Hell in the neck and Evolution in the bridge.

With this combo I have to admit I loved the Humbucker From Hell a lot. It sounded warm and still bright. it was a bit like an acoustic guitar but ith some electric characteristic. Hope I won't create confusion.

I didn't like the Evolution in the bridge and this is why I tried the Evolution bridge in the neck and I loved the sound. This is why Evolution bridge reamined in the neck of my guitar and I think it will stay there forever.

In the bridge I tried then to use the Duncan Seymour Invader but I didn't like it. it had some kind of twang or something that I quiet didn't like and it was not warm to my ears. It sounded nasty.

Actually I use DiMarzio Super 3 and I like it.

After all I havesaid above I came to a concluzion about the sound of the S320. despite the fact it's made of mahogany my guitar sounds pretty bright. This is subjective and someone else might find this guitar dark sounding. To me it is bright, at least as I talk about the piece I own.

Anothe interesting aspect is the way the sound changed as I tried different strings. I actually use Dean Markley Yngwie's Magic (0.08). Also there is a difference when using different picks. With purple Planet Waves (1.10mm) it sounded pretty warmer than it sopunds with the picks I use now (Dunlop Delrin 2.0 & 1.5mm)

Then I have to add I use a Ibanez Tube King pedal with original 12AX7 tube. I played on many amps including mixers and PA and when it comes to amps I made an average score. I just talked about the most of the amps, including computers, PA's and guitar amps.

Action, Fit, & Finish Usualy i don't mind about the finish. If they ask me I'd rather buy a guitar with scratches and dents all over if they sell it cheaper.

The action I don't care too because I play with a pretty high action and I think that is something about your preference and an issue that is your responsability, something that is your duty to fix.

Reliability & Durability I used this guitar for more than a year and it's still one piece. I didn't have to buy parts. Nothing broke yet. This is a point that matters to me and I am very pleased with my guitar.

I abuse trem a lot and is stays in tune, no problem, hakuna-matata. A real good deal for the money I paid.

Customer Support Didn't have to deal with that. They made a very reliable guitar and I want to say them a loud Thank You.

Liked about it 1. First of all I liked the way it stays in tune. Oce tuned I don't have to touch any tuners. I don't need to adjust te fine tuners over time, it just stays tuned.

2. I love the fact it has no middle pickup. I hate single coils.

3. I love anthing about the ZR tremolo.

Didn't like If i'd like something different it would be a scallop for the last 5 frets. That would be lovely. Bigger frets could be nice too.

No other complaint I just love the guitar.

Overall satisfaction:

By Orochimaru
Oct 12, 2009
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