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Ibanez Xiphos XPT700 Extended 27-Fret Electric Guitar GREEN SHADOW FLA...

X: Two lines intersect and continue to the outer edges of the imagination.The XPT700XH 27-fret Xiphos exudes a mutant, mysterious magnificence while the neck-thru construction offers increased sustain and maximum wicked riffage. Hit that high G on ...

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Really solid guitar for the money and that...shape! featured

Sound I bought this guitar because I have an affection for 27-fret and extended range guitars. I have a Bernie Rico Jr. 627 (first one ever made), a Hamer Californian and I have a custom 27-fretter on the way in a few months. This guitar fits the need for the odd-shaped guitar lover. It's part Explorer, part Star and even a little hint of Hamer Scarab. One thing is for sure, the pickups sound killer! The Air Norton S has all the punch of its full-size brother. I use the neck pickup for most of my solos so this was important to have that power. My style ranges to rock/pop to metal and a few things in between. I think that most people looking to buy one of these are looking to buy a metal guitar. It's shape is very aggressive but the real deal here is that the guitar is just simply comfortable to play. I am playing this out of an Axe-FX Ultra, into a Mesa 20/20 then into a stereo 4 X 12 cab.

It's got some balls - that's for sure. I will most likely change the bridge pickup out because I never really cared for the D-Activator pickups. I think a Crunch Lab or a D-Sonic pickup will work nicely.

Action, Fit, & Finish The action was amazing. Simply killer right out of the case! And, let me tell you that I play some pretty low action and this guitar was set up pretty nice. I can't say one bad thing about the way the guitar sounded or played right out of the gate. I did buy this "sight unseen" - and that's always a risk. Score points for Ibanez for making it an easy purchase!

Reliability & Durability I never, EVER gig without backups so it's a moot point. But, I can see myself playing this all night. It's pretty comfy!

Customer Support I have never dealt with Ibanez before and I wouldn't know what to expect if I did deal with them.

Liked about it First I would have to say that I love the fact that it has 27 frets. It's another factory 27-fret guitar that puts a smile on my face. Second, the frets are massive! 6100s at least, and they feel great. Speaking of, the neck feels pretty good for having a finish on it. I know that if I keep this guitar for a while that I will take the finish off the back. Lastly, I was very impressed by the Air Norton S in the neck. There's plenty of space for picking so that counts for something.

Didn't like One finish... really? That's it... one finish. It's a flat green color - which I personally think is pretty cool. But, it would be really nice if they were a little more inventive and perhaps make one of their chameleon colors available. Also, why didn't they offer the reversed headstock for this one? I mean, they have it for the other X series guitars - the Xiphos specifically. I am not understanding that. Last, the control layout isn't great but the shape doesn't allow for a lot of options. Still, the volume knob isn't totally in the way but if I would decide to paint this, I would move the pickup selector to the lower horn like it is on an Explorer.

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By clubshred
Sep 23, 2010
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