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Kramer Striker Custom FR-424CM Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry Sunburs...

Featuring a hard maple K-Speed Elliptical Slim Taper ™ neck, a solid alder double cut body and flame maple top, the Kramer Striker Custom FR-424CM Guitar is ready to rock. Two Quad Rail pickups and one Dual Rail pickup...

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Oh Kramer, where have you gone???

Sound Terrible--the stock pickups sound like a Florida swamp. They are loud enough, but why you'd want to crank them is beyond me. If anyone is even considering picking one of these up, a pickup replacement is definitely a must.

Action, Fit, & Finish The action was low enough for any shredder to enjoy, but it was not properly set-up. As the other reviewer pointed out, most sub $500 guitars will not come set-up. The finish seemed OK, and I could not find any flaws. All of the routs seemed accurate, and the trem fit the recess without rubbing the sides.

Reliability & Durability I do not own one, and will never buy one.

Customer Support I've never had to contact them. Keep in mind, Kramer is not what it used to be. When the original Kramer company went bankrupt back in the early 90s, they were bought by Gibson. Gibson's Epiphone division manufactured the new line of these Kramers and sold them direct through Music-Yo, and they were just not the same guitars as they used to be. Gibson still manufactures these and now offers them to music stores.

Liked about it Cheap price tag will pique the interest of newer players that recognize the Kramer brand.

Didn't like Not my old Kramer! Limited finish choices--got I miss the old 80s Kramers with a full palate of colors...

Overall satisfaction:

By AlaskaBat
Jun 04, 2010
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Worth every penny

Sound Stock pickups are dark and muddy but for new metal I guess thats ok. I switched them out.

Action, Fit, & Finish Guitar needed a set up and new strings. Most sub 500 dollar axes do. The finish was flawless. No chips dings or scratches.

Reliability & Durability Ive had this axe 9 years and its still going strong. I have played it almost everyday. I did have a fret job done instead of a dressing. I like 6100 fret wire. Factory frets had good life still left in them..

Customer Support Kramers support is great. They have never let me down.

Liked about it I loved the price. For what I paid it was a steal. These guitars compare equally with much higher priced axes.
I liked the quality. Best bang for the buck on the market.
The neck was another thing I liked. For this price youd expect ba frets and rough edges. Fret work was good.

Didn't like I didnt like that it only came with the option of R2 nut width.
I didnt like the stock licensed FLoyd. I prefer a real one. Kramer skimmped on this
Didnt like the lack of a good set up from the factory. This is common though among lower priced imports

Overall satisfaction:

By Ibanut
Jan 25, 2010
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