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Music Man Albert Lee Guitar Vintage Sunburst

Albert's unique design looks great, is incredibly comfortable to play, and rules at belting out raucous rockabilly! Southern ash body with a string-through-body, hardened-steel bridge is joined with a special 5-bolt joint to the selected maple neck ...

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Sound Think about it. Ash with maple combo defines a bright sounding instrument. Yes, But the guys at MusicMan already introduced the so called "tone block" (mahogany piece around the pickups) that "filters" the bright tones and adds up a final touch of warmth before the pickups reproduce the tone. It's wisely chosen to be with Custom Seymour Duncan custom wound pickups they come with for well known reasons (referring to the Seymour Duncan pickups tonal qualities). If you ever felt reserved to this instrument because of it's "country" style design, wood combo or Albert Lee's music preference, you are wrong! The guitar has the ability to reproduce anything ranging from alternative picking ala Pauli Gilberto style all the way to the sparkling tones of Michel Lee Firkins. Bluesy tunes sound fascinating too thanks to the amazing job they've done while setting up the bridge and the neck nut design which allows better string sustain and extended ressonation. Played through HomeBrew Electronics Detox EQ in a Vox Valvetronix.

Action, Fit, & Finish The action on the instrument was just on the spot and everything else seemed adjusted. The intonation wasn't set-up but if you play with different string gauges you'd be aware of minor changes that occur.
Keep in mind - the playability on this musicman is just phenomenal as well as the paint job and the rest of the components!

Customer Support One of the Best Customer Service I've ever encountered!

Liked about it It's very well built, the neck is just unbelievably comfortable and it's kept it's value for the years. It stays in tune very well and resonates amazing.

Didn't like The body contour could have been designed better since the angle of it is designed to comfort your hand more while standing up (which is great from a different perspective) so sometimes is hard to keep the guitar in one place when you playing while sitting down. Double-locking tremolo isn't an option.
Musicman is getting much better at their book-matching skills!

Overall satisfaction:

By Kaloyan
Oct 08, 2009
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