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Music Man John Petrucci 6 Electric Guitar with Piezo Bridge Mystic Dre...

Made in the USA. Basswood Body. 24 Frets. JP Shield Inlays. Music Man floating tremolo with Piezo, Schaller locking tuning keys.

Price: $2408 to $2408 at 1 stores
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Very Happy featured

Sound This is one of the finest guitars I own and I own quite a few included several PRS, Gibsons, Fenders, Ibanez. I also have several fine tube and solid state and hybrid amps. Mine has the D-Sonic and Air Norton-like PU's. This guitar sounds great through all of them. It's actually very versatile in clean and dirty tones, especial if you get the piezo feature. However, it really excels in the heavy distortion arena with the bridge PU. It gets excellent warm clean and blues tones on the neck PU. You need to run the piezo' through an acoustic amp for best performance or a PA with flat tone adjustment. Guitar amps have too much mid range to properly emulate an acoustic tone, although the piezos sound nice mixed lightly with the magnetic PU's thrugh a guitar amp - very full ad think sound.

Action, Fit, & Finish Other than a couple PRS' I've never had such a nice set up out of the store - fairly low action with no buzzing. I usually have to do a set up on a new guitar but this one was perfect. I've found no defects. I normally use 9's but this was very easy to play with the 10's it came with so I left it that way. The neck feels unbelievably comfortable and fast and it's hard to put down once I start playing it.

Reliability & Durability Had it a little over 6 months. Seems very reliable. Holds tuning well even with moderate whammy bar use. I would always bring a back up for gigs, nothing to do with this guitar though. I am so impressed with this Music Man that I will certainly consider another in the future.

Customer Support I called them to ask some questions when I first bought it. They we're very responsive, polite and helpful. Great folks!

Liked about it I really like how comfortable it is to play and that it's not too heavy or too light. I really like the PU's and variety of tones this baby delivers. I've never big a big Dream Theater fan so I bought this guitar for other reasons, mainly tone and comfort.

I wasn't looking for an EBMM when I bought this. I was trying a few other guitars and the sales person suggested I try it. Within a few minutes of playing I knew I loved it.

Didn't like The main thing I don't like it that I often bump the magnetic PU switch when I'm playing rhythm because it's so close to the bottom strings and in the strumming path.

Overall satisfaction:

By mcalo42
Feb 27, 2010
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If There's Ever Been I Better Guitar I haven't Played It! featured

Sound I'm going to start this review off on a odd note: The sound of the EB/MM JP6 is actually it's weakest component. Everything about this guitar screams top of the line perfection but the bridge sound leaves a little to be desired.

The JP6 has come in three iterations since it's initial run: The first version, if I'm not mistaken came with two custom wound pickups based on previous Dimarzio pickups - the Air Norton in the neck, and the Steve's Special in the bridge; the second version (the version I own) kept the custom neck PUP but switched out the bridge for a Dimarzio D-Sonic. This is where I think something got lost, but I'll get come back to that. The third and newest version of the JP6 comes with the Dimarzio Crunch Lab and Liqui-Fire. I haven't used either of those PUPs so I can't comment as to whether they are a step up, down, or what.

I really love the sound of the Dimarzio Air Norton but I'm not the biggest fan of the D-Sonic. The default orientation for the JP6's bridge pickup is with the D-Sonic's blade magnet to be facing the neck. I personally found that the pickup had better crunch and punch with the blade facing the bridge, but Dimarzio says to try both and see what you like so it's not like you're forced to have things one way or the other. The guitar itself allows for a pretty clear tone, if not one that lacks a bit of warmth, but I found that with a warmer pickup (Dimarzio Breed, for instance) the bridge sound can really be smoothed out.

I've tried several pickups in my JP6 and the default neck pickup is definitely a keeper. I actually ended up getting a Steve's Special for the bridge but certainly wouldn't mind hearing a Bare Knuckle Nailbomb, which I've heard a lot of good things about in the JP6.

The piezo, I should mention, is brilliant. It, of course, isn't going to give you a pure acoustic tone - no piezo will - but it's about as good as one could hope for. I do like that you can have the piezos and the magnet PUPs going at the same time for some truly unique sounds. The piezo also has dials for treble and bass tweaking. In addition to what you get with this guitar, sound option wise, it's a must to add a push/pull tone pot to be able to get single coil sounds out of either pickups individually. This mod is incredibly simple (assuming the user has some simple soldering skills) and makes me wonder why Dimarzio doesn't just make this mod a standard that comes with the guitar in the first place.

All in all the sound of this guitar isn't going to get too many complaints unless you're a serious Gibson Les Paul P90 type of fan. And, an easy bridge pickup change can get you anything you want anyway, really.

Sound: (original) 7/10. (Changed bridge pickup) 8/10

Action, Fit, & Finish Now this... this is where the guitar really shines. The JP6 just happens to have everything I could want in a guitar. For one thing it has a super fast & thin neck and medium frets, which is a hard to come by combination now-a-days. The action right out of the box is next to perfect since Music Man diligently sets up every guitar they manufacture before shipping.

Something that I felt was odd, though, about the setup was the distance that the pickups were from the strings. Generally a user could simply raise/lower the PUPs to their liking but the JP6 has direct mounted pickups and there isn't a foam cushion underneath. What this means is that raising the pickups is impossible until you remove them and place in some kind of foam or block of some sort. Doing that takes about 5 minutes and you only have to do it once, so I'm certainly not going to takes points off for that, but it's kind of an oddity to me.

Oh, I should mention that Music Man recently (from the examples that I have seen around the net) fixed a small issue they used to have with the nut. On older models the fret board finish behind the nut got scraped by the strings since the placement of the nut was so low. Music Man has since fixed this issue by lowering the fret board material directly behind the nut. So, it's not an issue any longer but may be something to look for if buying a used model (that and the fact that the newest version of the JP6 has, what many think are, the best pickups).

The finish is also very well done. Great colors, and the finish itself is super strong. I've hit my guitar several times with no damage and swirl marks are still at a minimum.

Fit & Finish: (my version) 8.5/10 (new version with corrected nut issue) 9.5/10

Reliability & Durability I can't imagine a more durable guitar. The JP6 is a real utilitarian instrument. It does away with frivolous aesthetics and goes straight for comfort and ruggedness. Between the great finish I mentioned earlier, rock solid bridge, top of the line parts up and down, everything is as good as it could be.

Actually that's not entirely true. The 2007 (or was it 2008?) special edition of the JP6 came with metal knobs but the standard edition only has plastic knobs. I'm not sure why this is and it's really kinda' strange considering the price and quality... and brand. Not that plastic knobs matter but really, why not just have metal? I once e-mailed Music Man about buying the plastic knobs separately (for another guitar) and they gave me a price for each that certainly doesn't reflect plastic. Oh, well.

Reliability: 9/10

Customer Support Music Man is pretty well renowned for its above and beyond customer service. Every time I've ever e-mailed Music Man I've not only gotten a quick, help-full, and polite reply but I often got the same support person. So, I know it's not just some random guy reading answers out of a book of what to say.

Look out for Music Man's official forum, though. Sure there's a ton of great Music Man info there but, as with most official forums, you'll have to wade through a sea of fan boys to get to get any honest answers. That of course has nothing to do with Music Man itself and I should mention that even a Music Man CEO posts on the forums there, so you know you can get a close to home source on some inside info.

Customer Support: 9.5/10

Liked about it Top three things I like about the EB/MM JP6:

1)Action: Super fast, thin neck; great setup, great... everything as far as playability goes.
2)Piezo: You don't really think about it until you get it but having an acoustic option on an electric guitar is awesome.
3)Build quality: It really doesn't get much better than this (former nut issue aside).

Didn't like Top three things I don't like about the EB/MM JP6:

1)D-Sonic bridge pickups: Not a bad pickup, per se, but it doesn't really suite the guitar.
2)Nut issue: I'm really stretching for answers with this. You can't even see the scrapes behind the nut when the strings are on and the problem has since been fixed.
3)Only a year warranty: I understand that most manufacturers only have a one year warranty but that just means this is Music Man's chance to go above and beyond the call of duty and offer their fine instruments with a two year warranty - especially considering the price of such an investment.

Overall satisfaction:

By Johnny Two Tone
Jan 16, 2010
Last updated: January 17, 2010
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Price: $2408 to $2408
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Arguably the best leadguitar available ATM featured

Sound The EBMM JP6 is arguably THE best leadaxe in the world right now. Although chords have great definition, and huge palmmutes are easily available, the JP6's main forte is soloing. With the new DiMarzio Crunchlab (great grind on chords BTW) and Liquifire pickups, the JP just soars. It can be penetrating with the Crunchlab or smooth as silk on the Liquifire. Although the JP performs best on high gain settings, the cleans and crunchsounds are not to be underestimated. Jazzy sounds are equally obtainable with the Liquifire. Cleans combined with one of the best piezo-systems available gives you another completely different tonal spectrum at your fingertips. Ideal for stage-use, the piezo. No feedback, no baseballbat acoustic neck, just one of the most comfortable necks in the world. I use it with a Roland VG-99 in the studio and with both a '74 Marshall JMP50 and MESA Roadking. EBMM Slinky strings only. I play anything from Pink Floyd to Dream Theater to full on death metal, with an occasionale bluesy/jazzy adventure.

Action, Fit, & Finish There's little that tops a MusicMan in this department. Perfect setup from the factory. Mid-low action, just as I like it. Neckpocket as tight as can be. No stresscracks in the paint. Played a lot of high end guitars but there's nothing that beats an EBMM neck. Smooth as silk, perfect frets. The Mystic Dream finish has to be seen to be really appreciated. Really something special! The trem is awesome as well. It functions as well as any floyd rose out there, but without all the hassle. No ball-cutting, no locks to tighten.

Reliability & Durability Have had a couple other MusicMan guitars, didn't have a single problem with them. I'm sure this one will hold on equally well.

Customer Support One of the best in the bizz. Customer Service will help you in any way they can, and the EBMM forum is a place of it's own. Where else will you find a company this size where the owner himself and the staff reply to all your posts and wish you a happy birthday when the time comes. They go out of their way to help and please their customer.

Liked about it - playability
- sounds
- looks

Didn't like - expensive over here in Europe

Overall satisfaction:

By metalmarty
Nov 22, 2009
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Music Man Petrucci JP6 without piezo option. Best featured

Sound Basswood body with Maple Neck and rosewood finger board. The sound of the Petrucci JP6 is best suited to high distortion. The pickups are the Dimarzio D sonic and Custom Neck which is loosely based on an Air Norten. The pickups give very good clarity when played at high speed. Clean sounds are a bit sterile. Pickup selection is three way (Think Les Paul) toggle but more advanced and the travel of the switch isn't as pronunced. Selections are Neck humbucker, Middle inner coils of the two humbuckers and the Bridge humbucker. With the middle position you get a large volume drop if playing clean but it's spanky clean good for funk and has an almost stratty quality which with low distortion is good for those bluesy runs.

The neck on clean with the tome rolled off a bit gives a very nice almost classical sound. And this is WITHOUT the piezo

The only change I will make to this guitar is to put a 330pF cap accross the vol put as a high pass filter. When you turn down the volume it get's way too muddy.

This guitar will do more than just metal. It does do metal rather well though.

Action, Fit, & Finish Ok the action on this is perfect for me straight out of the box. The distance between the top of the 12th fret and the high E string is about 1.4mm. I'm good with anything up to 2mm then I think it's getting a bit high.

The Neck is amazing to play. The feel of musicman guitar necks is one of teh best experiences for any guitar player. Shallow C profile. Not that that helps...go try one to see.

One issue straight out of teh box was the trem tuning stability. Normally you would set the trem level but with my guitar I had to set it slightly raised as if you'd just bent a string. This tiny adjustment to put it just off center now means that it stays in tune all the time. I had read forums talking of how good the trem was stability wise yet I was frustrated when mine was going out of tune. After this tweak I have to join the rest of the JP6 lovers to say that it's possibly the best trem out there even comparing it to Ibanez Edge etc.

I bought a standard Black with matching headstock and dot inlays as I personally don't like the shield inlays. I bought mine without the Piezo because well if I had to order one It woul dhave been an extra £700 which I figured I hardly need it. However the guitar is THAT amazing that I'll be buying another this time with the Piezo option.

The pickup height is not adjustable unless you find some springs. Musicman have decided the best placement for the pickups and they route the body so the pickups sit on the wood. This is good if you want to keep those pickups and if you buy a new set then they come with springs anyway.

Whammy bar is the push in sort with no nylon bushes but the rotation of the bar is adjusted with an allen key so you can make it as loose or as tight as you like. The case also has cut outs so you can keep the bar in the guitar which is a nice touch.

Knobs. The guitar has some strange knobs on it like some medieval pike man that take the dome top to a new level. But they work and feel rather comfortable to the fingers. There is a rubber surround on them too for when things get sweaty.

Another small but nice touch is the 'felt' for teh strap buttons. Instead of the standard circles of felt you get two plastic washers one of which has had the contours of the guitar upper horn cut into it giving your strap button a solid ground rather than looking perched on top of a triangle.

I'm not sure why the machineheads have pearloid buttons on there they do seem a bit at odds with the rest of the guitar. Machineheads work great. They feel better than sperzels and look more durable.

Nut. The nuts on musicman guitars is staggered to give better tuning stability. When breaking in a new set of strings strings go out of tune we all know that but I don't know if it's a factor that the tuning of teh guitar is better than normal straight nut guitars but notes that are a few cents out can seem like miles on this guitar. Once the strings have settled everything is fine.

Truss rod adjustment is really easy as the cog is at the end of teh fretboard. A smallish allen key os all you need to turn the wheel. Great idea.

One thing that is bad with this guitar is the Jack socket. I have another Musicman and it's the same. If you move your guitar lead the sound will cut out. I had bought some new cables with the Neutrik silent switch tips at the same time and had thought it was the cable but the jack socket of teh music man needs to get replaced it's too unreliable if you were playing live.

The forearm scoop is an amazing piece of thinking, It feels so comfortable when playing. Even more comfortable than an Ibanez JS. BUT the position of it is suited for Petrucci when you have the guitar up high. When you have it lower it's not as nice and kind of sticks into your arm. Not quite as bad as a Tele but enough to be irritating. The scoop feels that good I have been thinking of doing it to my telecaster once I mark the correct angle I need it at with the guitar lower. I just need to be brave enough to dig out the woodwork tools for that. The end result if it was done properly would be worth the fear of ripping into a guitar.

Reliability & Durability Other than the Jack socket issue this guitar seems solid. No one playing live should gig with out a backup though.

The finish is fine I have no issues in this department

Customer Support Not had to deal with their customer support. The EB MM forum seems a good place to get info and support contact names.

Liked about it I like pretty much everything about this guitar but I'll narrow it down to just three.

The Neck. Oh God the neck...Probably the best neck I've ever played. Even compared to Jems, JS, PGM's, Charvels, Suhr, Fender etc The profile is perfect and the finish of it just makes you want to play it more.

The Whammy bar. Less hassle than a full locking trem and it stays in tune in combination with the schaller tuners. Durable finish on it too. Are you listening Ibanez ?!?!?

The playability of the guitar. The controls are far enough out of the way not to hinder you but not too far away that it's a stretch to get to them.

Didn't like Jack socket. Be prepared to replace the jack socket as soon as you get it. In fact do that before playing it and don't give youself a chance to be annoyed at it.

Forearm scoop position this would be good if it was rotated around slightly or extended to give the same feel with the guitar played lower.

Coil taps on the neck position would be nice. Although you can always fit them after but having coil taps would make it a bit more flexable sound wise.

Overall satisfaction:

By Pablo
Oct 11, 2009
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Superb guitar !!! featured

Sound What should I say about sound! Its great! I connected the guitar to my Mesa / Boogie Tripple Rectifier and try with clean sound first. Smooth as silk. The neck pickup delivered very warm and smooth. The bridge pickup is powerful, but not too treble. I like the middle position of the pickup switch which a combination sound of neck + bridge pickup. Its bright and clear. So sweet.

I turned to distortion channel. Its superb! I can get a good sound of heavy riffs and beefy solo sound ... Its awesome!!

When I switch to play the piezo, I heard the acoustic sound, but maybe I expected more to be similar to real acoustic. Then I feel so so with this, but its a good toy. :-)

Action, Fit, & Finish Set up from the factory is great. Super low and no buzzy. The color is very beautiful. Mystic dream can be seen in purple, green and red depend on angle when you look. Bird-eyes maple neck is very beautiful as well to the neck finishing. I believe it's an oil finished. So smoothhhhh ... Love it!

I'm in doubt about the trem when I first saw on the website, but once I tried it for real. I can use it like floydrose (first I thought it should be similar to Fender's bridge.) I can pull up and push down without any problem and it stays in tune! Locking tuners are working great.

Construction looks good. I can see that it made with care and used a fine material (of cause I paid $ 2200 for it .. hahaha)

Reliability & Durability I have this guitar more than 2 years and been using as my main gear. I have never have problem with, but the neck is a bit rust and dirty, maybe because it has the oil finish not glossy like Ibanez or Fender. Its almost the bared neck. I should have my hand cleaned before playing. :-)

Customer Support Never contacted them, because I am happy with their guitar.

Liked about it I love the sound, neck and the color the most. I played quite many guitars in the past 5 years. This is one of the best I played. Worth to every penny I have paid for her.

Didn't like Frets are not a jumbo. Some people like me will not like it. (I changed to jumbo after a week I bought.) beside this its very good guitar in the market now today.

Overall satisfaction:

By here.choo
Aug 04, 2009
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Good Guitar. VERY Good Guitar...

Sound The acoustic tone is fat and deep. The guitar resonates well and has a low end thump. The stock pickups mine came with were the custom neck and the D sonic. The neck pickup was clear and had a midrange scoop. Very smooth sounding, but I replaced it with the liquifire which has a rounder tone. I didn't use the D sonic, and replaced it with a Steve's Special. There's a Crunchlab in there now, which I much prefer, because it has a more organic feel to it. The built-in piezo is amazing. There's no other piezo in the market that sound better.

Action, Fit, & Finish The guitar was well set up when I got it new. The action was too low for me, but had little or no buzz. i raised it so I could do some bending. The pickups are at a fixed height, so these can't be adjusted.

Reliability & Durability The guitar is very well built. The finish is thin, and is starting to sink into the wood grain (4 years old). it's a poly finish, so should last quite long. The mystic dream colours are cool, but incredibly hard to photograph!

Customer Support EBMM is great customer support. I've dealt with them on separate occasions for other guitars, and they've always been great.

Liked about it Fore arm scoop - UBER comfortable.
Piezo - GREAT acoustic tone when paired with the right acoustic amp. Plug into PA system for best results!
Trem is incredibly stable.

Didn't like Neck is a bit too thin for my liking. Frets are too short for my liking.

Overall satisfaction:

By whitestrat
Jun 27, 2011
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Professional instrument that costs a professional amount of money

Sound Flexible is the most appropriate word for the guitar. With the dual humbucker combination and the Piezo the guitar is a workhorse for every Top-40-musician. It can cover almost every music style at a very well sounding level.
The main criticism may be that the EBMM JP lacks of a certain personality since it is 'yet another Superstrat'. Moreover, the crunch sounds are at certain gain levels a little bit harsh, but still usable.

Action, Fit, & Finish The guitar comes with a factory set-up that is close to perfection. If you take the instrument out of its case for the first time, you'll immediately recognize the stunning 'broken-in' feel and the string action that is neither too low nor to high. Craftwise, the Pet is built without any flaws (which is by the way typical of almost every EBMM instrument). The Mystic Dream finish is without faults and the overall construction is just what you would expect from an instrument with the JP's price tag.

Reliability & Durability Built to last! I have now used the EBMM JP model for more than three years of active touring and it still is in perfect playing condition. Some minor dings and dongs from the German stages won't mask that this instrument is made for life. The EBMM case is also very durable and takes a lot of beating without problems.

Customer Support Had the guys at EBMM check the serial number for me before buying - fast and very friendly response from San Luis Obispo.

Liked about it Tonal Versatility
Built quality

Didn't like Crunch tone at certain gain levels
Lack of tonal personality
Price (only in Europe)

Overall satisfaction:

By Hind
Nov 26, 2010
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Sound The jp6 is brighter than a LP but it has the LP's sustain, it has the attack and hit of a strat though, it's not quite a hybrid and it more than qualifies for it's own category. With both piezo and dimarzio pickups it has more versatility than any guitar this side of a Variax. I play this guitar for almost all daily guitar duties, shred,jazz,country,bluegrass,death metal,pop etc.
I use ghs 10's and have 4 springs set in the trem most of the time.
I use this amp through all of my amps simply because i can but it sounds best to me through a mesa mark v and my Fender Prosonic with a fairly high amt of gain.
This guitar is the equivalent of a Diezel vh4, the guitar will actually make you play better.

Action, Fit, & Finish Mystic Dream is the sweetest color ever...

Reliability & Durability I can definately rely on this guitar. The trem and locking tuners work seemlessly and everything is thought out so well that nothing malfunctions almost ever.

Customer Support Musicman are great, The forums they run are really insightful and helpful the few times i've visited.

Liked about it -Neck is perfect (very close to a vintage Jem in feel, but even faster.)
-Trem is perfect (simple,stable,smooth) best one i've ever used!
-The entire package fits together so well and is designed so meticulously it is amazing.
-Unique but Beautiful tone.

Didn't like -The early example is prettier than the bfr.
-Cost too much me to have one of each color.
-Piezo takes some getting used to.

Overall satisfaction:

Aug 18, 2009
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