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Paul Reed Smith SC 245 Electric Guitar With Figured Maple Top And Stop...

The PRS Guitars SC 245 is a perfect electric guitar for the more traditional single-cutaway players. The 24-1/2" scale and vintage appointments make the PRS SC 245 instantly comfortable to players who grew up using short scale guitars. The SC 245 ...

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Out Les Paul's a Les Paul

Sound It sounds full and rich, like a warm cup of Columbian coffee. It's not a shredder like an Ibanez, but it serves it's purpose wonderfully. I run a Peavey Classic 50/50 power amp, through a Rocktron VooDu Valve, into a PRS 2 x 12 cab (generally). I also run a Randall RM 100 and Kirk Hammett 400W sig 4 x 12 cab. It performs beautifully with both. You don't want to push too much distortion or gain through the PRS p'ups, but the sound great with the overdriven tubes of both rigs. This thing will fill the room up with warmth, it's a joy to behold. I'm usually a 9 gauge or Custom 9 string (heavier bottom) user, but I went 10's with this and I think it was the right call. Mine has the wide-fat neck, which I prefer on this type of guitar (this is not my shred guitar). You can play blues to rock on this thing, but wouldn't break out into any Slayer. ;)


Action, Fit, & Finish As the title states it's a Les Paul "copy" that's better than any Les Paul I've played. It's expensive, no doubt, but well worth the $$$. I bought it used, but it's gorgeous. I've know many Gibsons to be sent to a luthier before they are even playable (according to friends). I have a "10 top" McCarty Tobacco Burst and it's gorgeous. The old bird inlays are beautiful. How can you not like the PRS bird inlays? This thing is honestly one of the most timelessly beautiful guitars you will lay your eyes on.

Reliability & Durability I haven't gigged it much, but it seems to be a tank. The finish appears to be of high quality and my other PRS guitars have held up very well through time. PRS is a well known name, I trust them.

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Liked about it 1) The "10 top" is absolutely amazing
2) The bird inlays are signature PRS
3) It's a Les Paul without having to own a Gibson (sorry Gibson fans)

Didn't like 1) It's not an Ibanez. That's the only thing I can say bad about it and the only reason it doesn't get a 5 rating. I grew up on Ibanez RGs and as many times as I venture to something "better" I never feel that it is. I love it, it's different, but give me a top-o-the-line Ibanez anyday. :)

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By DrewIvy
Jul 16, 2010
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