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Schecter BlackJack ATX C-7 Electric Guitar Aged Black

Musical Instruments

Price: $849 to $849 at 1 stores
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Great Guitar for Metal!!! featured

Sound I grabbed a pair of new Schecter 7's last spring.
One of these and a C7 Hellraiser.

Amazingly, even though in spec they appeared fairly similar, they were drastically different animals.
The Blackjack ATX was fairly dark sounding acoustically, which translated a little bit to the plugged in sound, but the Seymour Duncan Blackouts really F'n amazing for distorted playing.
Cleans were decent, but if you buy a guitar with Blackouts it's not for playing clean.
They really have a ton of balls but aren't over the top,which actually kinda suprised me a little bit.

I used these for my metal band & for other much more subdued, but still distorted lead playing gigs thru my old road tested live rig of a BOSS GT8 + Peavey Windsor Tube Head + Hughes & Kettner 4x12 and not suprisingly it kicked ass.
While the cleans were kinda dull, I was so knocked out with the tone of the Blackouts on High Gain settings I honestly didn't care.

The added scale length of 26 1/2 really tightened up the low B for those of us who tend to use lighter strings and normally have to deal with a floppy Low B string.

The Tone Pro's bridge is about as stable as it gets.

Not a ton of tonal options with the 3 way blade style switch, but honestly I didn't buy this guitar for it's amazing versatility. I bought it to kick mucho distorted ass.

Action, Fit, & Finish Out of the box, the set up was pretty spot on.
Binding looked great, it has a durable matte finish which looks great no matter how many gallons of sweat you drip on it,Nut was cut great, pretty much a big thumbs up all around.

An interesting note, the nut slots on the ATX & Hellraiser were cut slightly to different nut widths.
The Hellraiser with a thinner string spacing & the ATX to a wider more metal approved string spacing, which honestly I preferred more.

Not a big deal, but definately worth mentioning...

Reliability & Durability Used for one full metal show with my band Ritual Fixx & a couple more low key events where I was just kinda the lead player in the background.

At the metal show I easily had one of the best rhythm tones I have ever had in my life and the leads were equally as good.
Clean tones, decent but not great...

Had the Hellraiser as a backup never needed it.
The finish absolutely durable.

This is a pro quality guitar boys & girls...

Customer Support Schecter customer service is great & probably the best I've ever dealt with and answers pretty much any question within a couple of days.
Pretty cool bunch of guys..

Liked about it 1.Great Distorted Tone
2.Great Playing Guitar
3.Cool Looking Finish/Look

Didn't like 1.The addition of a 5 way switch w coil tapping would make this infinately more versatile & IMO one of the best 7's out there..
2.Although the pickups do sound great, I hate batteries & having to remember to unplug my guitar...
Yeah I know this is a minor gripe, but I'm REALLY trying to find negatives here...

Unfortunately I really can't find another thing I don't like...

Overall satisfaction:

By Shreddy Krueger
Dec 31, 2009
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Price: $849 to $849
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at 1 stores

great quality guitar for the price

Sound very dark sounding guitar, this is a metal guitar

Action, Fit, & Finish came outta the box with no issues, bit of fret buzz but I changed the string gauge and that fixed it

Reliability & Durability very reliable guitar have a loomis 7 and would definitely use this as a backup

Customer Support N/A

Liked about it seymour duncan blackouts sound awesome
mahogany body with ebony board
satin finish feels almost like natural wood

Didn't like inlay looked cheesy, no locking tuners

Overall satisfaction:

By wildchild247
Nov 29, 2009
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Price: $849 to $849
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at 1 stores

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