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Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Left-Handed Electric Guitar Black Cherry

Musical Instruments

Price: $849 to $849 at 1 stores
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Best bang for your buck! featured

Sound This is probably one of the best EMG equipped guitars available!(Used right handed model) Its unbelievable how many sounds you can get out of this guitar, Its very versatile!!! From rock to jazz to blues to Metal!! You'll be able to achieve any tone you want with its push/pull pots! Although it is geared more towards metal, there shouldnt be any reason for a blues/classic player not to enjoy playing this axe!
This axe is equipped with EMG 81tw/89(similar to a 81/85)active pickups, so its not for everyone! I play metal from Death Metal - Grindcore out of a B-52 halfstack with a 10band EQ along with a Twin Tube Mayhem pedal and im easily able to achieve any sound, any tone I want! Pinch harmonics are really easy, you can almost perfrom them on any fret!
I compared this guitar to an ESP Ltd Deluxe model - The Ltd gave off a deeper tone with more chunk! Sounded like - Dunk a Dunk. The Hellraiser was more brighter with more attack! sounded like - Tak a Tak!

Action, Fit, & Finish The Action is super low, The neck is straight as can be!! The fretwork is very clean - didnt really need any fret leveling(unlike Fenders, worse fret equipped guitars, they're always uneven) The finish of this guitar is amazing, very clean and shiny!! The abalone Cross inlays on the neck are pretty damn sexy, compliments the guitar very well!
This guitar has a 3pc-Mahagony set neck with ultra Access! A Rosewood fingerboard with 24 X-jumbo frets marked with Abalone Gothic Cross inlays!! Has a mahagony body with Tonepros TOM brigde and schecters Locking tuners with black chrome hardware! Loaded with EMGs 81tw and 89 pickup! Coil tap those suckers to achieve your most desirable tone!

Reliability & Durability The guitar has dimensions of a strat but the construction of a Les Paul! This thing is made to rock out, so by all means GIG with it!! Has great sound, great built and looks damn sexy!!

Customer Support I've owned a couple of schecters and never dealt with anyone from the company...meaning, I've never had a problem, its a soid product!

Liked about it Great guitar for the price!! the best bang for your buck thats forsure! The 81tw/89 is great, its like an 81/85 combo but more versatile! its very Easy and fun to play, its an all around great guitar! If your on a budget and cant afford a $850+ guitar then get this, its the best bang for you buck!

Didn't like These are more personal preferances!! I didnt like the painted neck! my hand kept sticking to it which reduced my speed bigtime! I wasnt able to glide up and down the neck as fast as I would like to! The guitar is a bit heavy which makes it a little uncomfortable/difficult to play while standing! and the neck seems to be a little fatter compared to other Guitars. other then that, its an excellent guitar

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By Weezel
Feb 01, 2010
Last updated: February 20, 2010
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Price: $849 to $849
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