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Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR 7-String Guitar Featured

Musical Instruments

Price: $587 to $1029 at 8 stores
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Let's Schec it out

Sound This was actually the first Schecter guitar I was ever testing, so I was wondering how it would play.

First of all the guitar sounds really nice from clean over to the heavy section it was made for. While I still complain that the EMGs sound a bit sterile and I prefer other pickups, it is OK. The guitar as a good natural sustain and the attack is also extremely good and it can be played very dynamic.

All in all sound wise it really delivers, especially if you dig the EMG pickups.

Action, Fit, & Finish The setup on the guitar was very nice and I really dig that string through body design they have. Also the paint finish was extremely good. The neck is not 100% my cup of tea, but is is well made and can be easily played. This is a matter of taste more than it is a real minus point. All the tuners etc. are working really well and you can see that a good amount of craftmanship went into the modell. The nice deep red finish mine had, is surely a headturner.

Reliability & Durability Only had it for a week, but it was very well made.

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Liked about it + Attack
+ Looks
+ Easy to play for a 7
+ good setup
+ good string through design

Didn't like - EMG pickups (at least a minus for me)

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
May 10, 2010
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Price: $587 to $1029
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at 8 stores

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