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DiMarzio High Definition Speaker Cable w/Phone Ends

DiMarzio® Instrument Speaker Cables reproduce sound so accurately we could have called them "Reference Cables". Our cables are fine-tuned for deep bass and open highs. They deliver definition and openness from string-to-string like you've never heard before. They're ideal head-to-bottom hookup for guitar or bass applications. DiMarzio® Instrument Speaker Cables are...

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Pricey. Really Pricey. featured

Comments Ok, these things aren't cheap. The way I think about it; I've spent thousands on my guitar, and particularly my amp. To me, my amp is by far THE most important part of my signal chain, followed most closely by my speakers and cab. I'm also very particular about how I set my amp up, and how I do so makes a huge difference to how my amp, a Mesa Roadster, reacts. The amp is loaded with features, some very discreet, some hugely obvious and to me every one matters. Everything I can do to squeeze more of those little, subtle changes out of it, I'll do to a degree. This doesn't mean things like Sonic Maximizers and other things that "add" to the sound, but I do use nice, shielded IEC power cables and a power conditioner etc etc. This is about when I decided a DiMarzio Speaker cable is worth a try, expecting it to give me more of those subtle sounds.

What I got wasn't quite what I expected. Just holding it, there's a feel of seriously premium quality that people expect from DiMarzio. The phone ends are heavy, and the cord firm, and not just cheap cable. I plugged it in, and it held itself firmly into the head and cab, with a solid click - not forceful, but solid. With the amp running, and the volume up, it felt like a huge release. It was like I'd taken something out of the way of the amp.
Now I've tried a certain premium American cable brand (that starts with an M) and it added bass and treble, which I don't want. It felt spikey and unnatural. The DiMarzio makes it feel like you're getting everything that was already there, it felt true, and though it was difficult to specify exact differences, you get the impression that the sum of all those little changes really adds up! This is essential to anyone who wants everything out of their amp. You only have to buy it once, and it's a real release, and I'm sure it's slightly louder too...

Liked about it Everything. Don't add to your rig, buy a full set of DiMarzio cables and get more from it, then see if you need anything else. I tried it with a load of amps and every time it had that effect of bringing it out, 'taking something out of the way' as I said before. Super stuff.

Didn't like I would say the price, but to be honest, it was worth it. It's lifetime guaranteed, so if I look after it, it's not something I'll ever have to buy again. I'm certain of it.

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By Fun111
Sep 09, 2010
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