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Dunlop Classic Guitar Strap Featured

Dunlop straps feature easy-adjustment custom buckles, Comfort-Edge webbing that's easy on the neck and won't deteriorate, and 100% leather ends. 2" wide. Adjusts from 38" to 65".

Price: $8 to $35 at 10 stores
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Well made, reasonably priced strap

Comments The Dunlop Classic Guitar Straps are nicely made guitar straps. I have two of the flame pattern straps and I love the build quality and feel of the straps.

The leather ends are nice and thick, the nylon webbing is thick and doesn't look like it would ever fray, and the buckles are nice and tough too.

The maximum length of the strap can be set to 65" which is an extremely low drop for your guitar. I don't personally play with my guitar that low, but for people who do they will find it to be fantastic.

Playing the guitar standing up with the Dunlop Classic strap for an extended period of time is a breeze. I found them to be very comfortable, and they held my guitar nicely so I didn't have any particular aches or pains in the shoulder. I haven't tried them with a heavy Les Paul type guita, but I'm sure they would hold up quite well.

I have also found them to be nicely priced. More expensive than the cheap nasty nylon ones, but not much more expensive, and still great value for money.

Liked about it Nice solid strap
* Well made, and comfortable
* well priced

Didn't like Nothing really

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By LonePhantom
Apr 07, 2010
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Price: $8 to $35
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