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Dunlop Fingerboard 02 Deep Conditioner Featured

Prevents warping and cracking while replenishing the proper oil balance of the wood. Conditions with a protective layer while bringing out the rich wood look. 2 oz. applicator top -

Price: $3 to $7 at 4 stores
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Great for keeping your fretboard beautiful featured

Comments I've been using Dunlop's Fingerboard 02 Deep Conditioner on my rosewood fretboard guitars for a couple of years now. Beforehand I had been using lemon oil, and since I have been using the Deep Conditioner I have noticed that I can leave a fretboard for far longer between applications.

The bottle comes with a built in applicator, which is fantastic. You don't have to worry about accidentally spilling product everywhere, plus it's a lot easier to apply to your fretboard.

I use the Deep Conditioner on every second string change. I take all strings off the guitar, apply the product using the built in applicator across all of the frets. I then give it a couple of minutes to soak into the timber, and buff off with a cloth. It returns all the lustre to the rosewood, and helps clean off any oils left from my skin.

I have also used the Deep Conditioner on raw rosewood bridges found on some acoustic guitars with great results.

It is a nice, simple process that no guitar player should ignore, seeing as rosewood can dry out and crack if left to dry out over an extended period of time. The fretboard also feels a lot nicer under the fingers after applying the conditioner.

There is definitely no reason to not buy the Dunlop 02 Fingerboard Deep Conditioner, as it is cheap, and a bottle will last a very long time. It is a very sound investment for the long term condition of your guitar's rosewood or ebony fretboards. It might be a bit obvious, but do not use it on coated maple fretboards as it is no good for them.

Liked about it Easy to apply, and impossible to spill with the built in applicator
* Cheap, plus a bottle will last you a long time
* Long lasting

Didn't like Nothing really

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By LonePhantom
Feb 04, 2010
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Price: $3 to $7
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