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Dunlop Tempered Glass Slide Featured

Ever wanted to use a slide ? The Dunlop has a full range, from brass, to Glass.

Price: $3 to $9 at 17 stores
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Like the sound of no frets ? But cant be bothered pulling your fretts off your guitar ? Then buy a glass slide.

Comments After using weird objects like an old coke bottle, batteries, drum stick etc.. for a slide, just for fun. I decided it was high time I bought myself a glass slide, that fits my finger perfectly. Thank god for Dunlop and their various sizes of slides. After I got the store owner to take them all down I finally found the right slide that fit my fingers.

Liked about it I really like the feel of glass on my finger as apposed to metal, so this is a bonus already for this product. With glass you dont get the extra noises of metal on metal. The glass give the sound a very smooth feel to it, and I really enjoy the sounds I can get.

Didn't like Not much to complain with this product, but the store owner really didn't know much about slides, and I really wanted to find out what would be the best for my size fingers, how far down it should go etc.. So maybe Dunlop should send better info to guitar stores with their products so people know how to fit them properly. When you buy shoes the shoe guy usually knows the best way to fit the foot. The same should be for the finger.

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By IbanezFreak777
Feb 04, 2010
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Price: $3 to $9
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at 17 stores

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