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Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Jazz Pick 1.14mm

Available in a variety of gauges with a small, broad grip with 3 tips to provide a variety of tones for player preference - - Designed and manufactured to give the characteristic maximum memory and minimum wear that made the original tortoiseshell guitar picks famous

Price: $5 to $9 at 2 stores
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Comments Like many bedroom shred-heads, I was introduced to Dunlop's 'jazz' shape picks through the pointy black 'stiffo' Jazz III, subject of countless recommendations, endorsements, promises of instant fame and fortune, etc. I happily used these picks for a few years before stumbling upon the Tortex Jazz, which I use to this day. The small size and pointy tip forces you to concentrate on pinpoint accuracy and rewards you with greater control over your picking nuances.

There's a few reasons I switched to the Tortex counterparts. Initially, it was because my biggest problem with Jazz IIIs was the raised lettering that is supposed to provide grip, but really just provides an uneven texture to either side. These picks, on the other hand, are completely flat and grip is provided by the Tortex material.

Though the difference is minuscule, these are not exactly the same shape as Jazz IIIs. They are slightly wider at the curves on the side and taller at the top. It seems pedantic to mention, but the difference is noticeable when it is in your hands. These picks have a darker tone in comparison to the super-bright Jazz III and have a much softer and smoother attack.

I use both the purple H3 (1.14mm) and pitch black versions. I am convinced that the pitch blacks are made of a slightly harder material. I've even done a little test with my eyes closed and can identify the different coloured picks by touch. In any case, the difference in tone this may cause is negligible.

Liked about it - Flat surface with no raised logo.
- Less harsh attack than Jazz IIIs.
- Perfect size and shape for chops-intensive playing.

Didn't like - The logo rubs off after a few hours' play and I have developed a weird OCD-like habit of only using the ones with logos intact.

Overall satisfaction:

By Wild_Child
Dec 30, 2010
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Price: $5 to $9
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Just the Thing

Comments This pick is great. It is small but is big enough to have a good, comfortable, grip on it. It is the same size as the jazz 3, but it is made of tortex. It is really stiff and is great for speed picking or jazzier stuff as well. It is really versatile and great to use. The sharp point is great and helps to stop rubbing on the strings as well as it is very accurate and precise. Overall it's a great pick.

Liked about it -Very stiff
-Sharp point
-Lasts long
-Really versatile
-Great Size

Didn't like -Overtime the sharp point gets rounded (still works well though after this happens)
-Slippery if your hands sweat
-Can get lost easily

Overall satisfaction:

By takenaway
Nov 22, 2010
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Price: $5 to $9
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at 2 stores

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