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Ebtech Swizz Army 6 In 1 Cable tester.

Morley/Ebtech Swizz Army 6in1 cable tester.

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EBTECH Swizz Army 6-in-1 Cable tester. featured

Comments How many times have you had all your cables out before a practice or gig, with no way of remembering or knowing which ones aren't quite to snuff? This may be the solution to that and many more problems.
Having previously owned and used the plug in Hum-Eliminator EBtech makes, I had my hopes high and this didn't let me down.

Now to form/function...
I work part time with a sound and production company in Fayetteville NC, and we probably use 300 different cables in a weekend, and we have to label the suspicious ones and try and repair them early in the week (bummer!), When this tester came in the mail it immediately put our old tester out of commision.
The tester is about the size of a hand (4x1), the casing is all metal. The lettering is bright yellow on the blue background for stark contrast and easy reading.
The LED lights are bright but not overpowering. The batterry compartment is snug, solid, and uses a phillips head screw instead of a cheap plastic clip like some manufacturers do.

All 6 compatible cable types were used man y times over and we probably tested over 1000 cable in just over a month!
The RCA/1/8th inch cable functions were used the least but they worked extremely well and the inputs held up really well even after a nice 6 foot fall.
The Midi tester got quite a workout with our guitar gear and even some light operation modules tested, the ability for the seperate pins on this and the XLR function is a clear win.

Most people here will generally use this for their 1/4 guitar cables and such. I can say without hesitation it is completely accurate and will hold up to more use than 99% of you could put it through in years.

Some other cool bits....
-Test tone mode- Generates an output tone, changeable level, very useful but drains the batteries.
-Phantom Power detect-When Using multi-pin cables pins 2 and 3 are monitored for external Dc voltage as commonly supplied to microphones. The Phantom leds will light any time presence of a dc voltage greater than 5v is detected.

There is also a 1khz/440hz selection switch that can be useful, but confusing if you don't read up on it first.

Liked about it -Well made in the USA.
-TRuly versatile and accurate.
-Smaller, easier to use, and cheaper than many professional competitors.

Didn't like -Can't change batteries without a screwdriver.
-Some people may be confused by lack of instruction manual.

Overall satisfaction:

Dec 17, 2009
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Price: $61 to $61
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