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FBV Express Mk. II

Second iteration of the self powered Line 6 FBV Express switching and control unit. Compatible with the following Line 6 products: Spider Valve, Spider IV, Spider III (not all models), Spider II (not all models), Flextone III, Vetta, Vetta II, HD147, POD 2.0 (not all models), POD xt, POD XT Pro, Bass POD xt, Bass POD XT Pro. - -

Price: $61 to $84 at 2 stores
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The perfect compliment to your Line 6 amp or POD featured

Comments The Line 6 FBV Express Mk. II is a self powered, sturdy, well designed controller for your Line 6 amp or POD. It is pretty much essential if you're going to be doing any patch switching while playing, or for control of certain effects (wah/volume) or features (tuner, looper).

The controller is a pretty solid and mostly metal, but is still lightweight and feels sturdy, and strong enough to take some moderate abuse. It is definitely heavy enough to stay where it's put on the floor, and has rubber feet installed for smoother surfaces.

The FBV Express has four channel buttons allowing the user to switch through any of their preset A, B, C or D channels on their Line 6 units. The volume or wah pedal is large and has a lot of grip, so your foot isn't going to slide off accidentally.

There is a nice LED screen that displays your current active channel, tuner, tap tempo and whether your using the pedal in volume or wah mode.

Line 6 has utilized a standard RJ-45 cable instead of some expensive MIDI cable. The unit is self powered via the cable as well.

You can, optionally, download the Line 6 FBV control software which will allow you customize your controller to send MIDI change commands to other MIDI compatible devices or software via a USB to MIDI cable.

Also upgrades to your Line 6 amp, or POD are available by connecting your FBV to your computer via USB, and to your Line 6 unit via the standard cable to install any downloaded updates or patches.

Liked about it I liked the cable design, utilizing the self powered RJ-45 cable is a great idea. The unit feels solid and sturdy, I'm not worried about cracking it or breaking switches. I also like that it is very simple, there are not dozens of switches and optional controls. It is a great, portable unit that goes well with any of the smaller Line 6 amps or POD units.

Didn't like One thing I do have a little issue with is the wah or volume pedal. I find it far too easy to move, and its sweep isn't very broad. I would like to have seen it with a broader sweep, and slightly stiffer feel. Perhaps these are adjustments I can make on my own, but I haven't tried that yet.

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By blackspy
May 18, 2010
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Price: $61 to $84
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The way to use non-floor PODs on the stage

Comments If you have some non-floor POD, and you plan to use it for a live performance, you do need a controller, and the FBV Express covers pretty much the basic tasks you'll need on the stage, like patch changing, volume and wah pedal, and even tuner. Due to its relatively compact size, it's easy to transport. It uses a standard network cable with RJ-45 connectors, so you don't need to worry about cables, any cheap one will do the job. To me, one of the most important aspects is how sturdy this baby is: it can hold severe abuse on the stage, I even had beer dropped on mine!

Liked about it 1) Really sturdy;
2) Uses standard RJ-45 network cables;
3) Self powered, no additional power supply needed.

Didn't like 1) Wah is a bit hard to engage;
2) All black, if the stage is dark, it may be hard to see (but not much);
3) No bank up/down switches.

Overall satisfaction:

By Rachmaninoff
Sep 01, 2010
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Price: $61 to $84
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at 2 stores

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