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Fender Instrument Care Kit

This three-step system, created by Meguiar's chemists, works on both acoustic and electric guitar finishes ? new or vintage, nitro or poly.

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Pure Magic

Comments I was very impressed with each of the three products in Fender's Instrument Care Kit. At first I didn't see the point in a three step kit, however after using it you realise each one does a specific job. The first stage 'Mist and Wipe' cleaned my guitars up beautifully in the first place. The 'Swirl and Haze Remover' is similar to a cut and polish for car paintwork, and is quite mild. I noticed a small amount of colour coming off the guitar onto the applicator which was normal. For me the haze removal effects were most noticeable on a RG3120 with the natural wood band around the trimming, and it seemed to lift a few years of haze off it leaving the colours looking more defined, and reduced any slight fading, leaving the guitar looking quite new-like. I had hoped that it might of removed some deeper scratches in one guitar, however it is more for light accidental pick marks and general haze. I was most impressed with the "Polish & Conditioner" though, it seemed to leave a very nice professional finish on all of my guitars. After polishing an acoustic guitar that I have, I kept wanting to touch the surface, as it suddenly looked and felt like a higher quality guitar than what it was. It brought my electric guitars up beautifully too, leaving them with an awesome finish. After this final stage, the Mist and Wipe is used again to keep the guitar clean in between polishes. Nice smell and easy to use too. Highly recommended.

Liked about it -Each of the three products actually do what they were supposed to. I will re-buy them separately as each bottle runs out.
-It leaves a beautiful finish on your guitar. I quite like the smell too.
-it was made by Meguiar's who specialise in surface care, mainly cars. I was very happy to see replacement applicators in the automobile section at a department store too.

Didn't like -It only came with one applicator, while recommending a different one for stage two and three (so two applicators would of been nice, and with 'Step Two' and 'Step Three' written on it, as I had to mark mine with a marking pen)
-It would of been to come with a lint free cloth for the mist, and a polishing cloth to put a bit of elbow into buffing off the final stage.

For an extra few dollars in cloths and an extra applicator, they could of made this a perfect kit. Unfortunately I had to take 0.5 off for this, as I had to run and and get these items after already getting setup to clean my guitar. Least you guys know in advance now :wink:

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By RichardFX
Feb 23, 2011
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