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Finger Ease Guitar String Lubricant Featured

The original guitar string lubricant since 1963! A favorite among many musicians! Reduces friction between strings and fingertips and increases string life. Smoothes fingertip calluses. Harmless to guitars!

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Tone finger Ease String Lubricant

Comments I am between a beginner and novice guitar player and haven't quite learned how to keep the strings totally silent when sliding my fingers around the fretboard. So I get a lot of string talk as I see it is called. So I decided to try a bottle of Tone's Finger Ease lubricant. And I cant say I have had any real success with it. Actually I really didn't notice any difference at all. To apply you spray a liberal amount on the string and allow to dry. Wipe off any excess from the neck and fretboard. Then you are ready to play.I have Ernie Balls 9 gauge strings and I had to do apply a few times before playing to notice any difference at all. It has a very strong odour, if you are in a small room you would get a headache from this stuff. It makes your strings very dirty which rubs off on your fingers. It only lasts about a half hour and then you have to re-apply. You can apply it to the back of your neck and I will say it actually works there. I installed a new set of strings prior to use and found that the tone started going flat after a couple weeks.I cleaned the string quite often but I just couldn't keep up with the build up of gunk that this stuff created.

Liked about it The only good thing this did was it made the back of the neck faster.

Didn't like It really smelled strong. If you are in a fairly small room it would be really bad. It didnt really work well.

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By Terrymcp
Apr 20, 2011
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Price: $2 to $8
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