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Gator GRB-2U Featured

Lightweight, sturdy 2-Space rack bag.

Price: $43 to $99 at 7 stores
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Great for small rack setups. featured

Comments The Gator GRB rack bag series bags are simply strong, lightweight, plywood reinforced bags for toting your rack gear.

I use mine on occasion where I do not need all my rack units and only need one or two pieces, say if I'm just going to run some effects through an amp loop, or plug directly into a power amp or mixer.

It has rails installed already, and mounted to the plywood so all you have to do is screw in the units you want and you're good to go. It is very strong with a thick nylon outer shell that is tough and seems like it would repel rain or snow to some extent.

Gator also saw fit to give a large storage pocket on the outside. Front and zippered flaps drop down to allow access to the front and rear of whatever you've put in the bag. One thing I notice, and it might just be my perception, is that the flaps in front and back seem to be weighted and once unzipped they drop and stay down easily, which is nice.

The handles/straps are large and heavy duty.

Liked about it The Gator GRB-2U is very sturdy, and appears to have some thought behind its design. It does what it does very well. I'd highly recommend one if you're looking for something to store and/or transport a small rack system.

Didn't like The one concern I have with the Gator bag is with units that generate heat. There really is nowhere for heat to dissipate other than through the bag itself. At one point I wanted to use it to transport a 2U, tube power amp, but was concerned about the heat because the amp had vents on the top and bottom. These vents would be covered when installed in the bag. It might have been ok to use it this way, but it's not something I would want to do. This isn't really to take anything away from the overall great design of the bag, I can't really think of how they could get around a problem like that in a bag case like this one.

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By blackspy
Dec 30, 2009
Last updated: December 31, 2009
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Price: $43 to $99
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