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Gravity Guitar Picks Classic Standard 1.5mm

There is only one choice when it comes to a hand made guitar picks. Gravity picks are hand-crafted one at a time, and this care and attention to detail is reflected in the final product. The 1.5mm pick is a no-flex pick. Available in clear and red.

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Great tone, and reasonable price for an acrylic pick.

Comments Gravity Guitar Picks are a new player in the guitar pick market. Made from sheets of cast acrylic, they are engraved using a laser, cut into individual picks, and then they are grind and polished one by one into the finished product. They are a bit more pricey than most commercial mass produced picks. This is due to acrylic being harder to work with than a lot of the other plastic types used for guitar picks.

The Classic Standard 1.5mm I received from Chris at Gravity is a striking red colour, and about the same size height-wise as a Jazz III pick, with a bit more width-ways.

The Classic shape is a traditional tipped pick, although it is on the sharper side of the traditional tip. Probably half way between the tip on a Tortex pick, and a Jazz III. The Gravity markings a nicely laser etched, and you can just feel the etching with your fingers. It makes for a great grip too.

Tonally I found the 1.5mm Classic Standard to be similar to the 1.14mm Dunlop Hetfield Black Fangs. The Classic Standard 1.5mm is nice and bright, with a fairly sharp, twangy attack. Although the Ultex material that the Black Fangs are made from flex very little, it was noticeable when playing back to back with the Classic Standard, which doesn't flex at all. I found that I preferred the lack of pick flex that the acrylic Classic Standard provided.

I found that the thickness of the 1.5mm Classic Standard to be quite nice too. Not too thin, but not too thick, it sits nicely in the hand, and is easy to control.

Liked about it Great tone, sharp, twangy attack and articulate.
* Solid pick, no flex.
* Very comfortable in the hand, and quite good grip.

Didn't like While acrylic is very hard, it is quite brittle. If you have a heavy attack, and do lots of pick slides and scrapes the tips gets cut up very quickly.

Overall satisfaction:

By LonePhantom
Sep 21, 2011
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