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Gravity Guitar Picks Classic Standard 3mm

There is only one choice when it comes to a hand made guitar pick. These picks are made one at a time and the final product definitely reflects that. 7 colors available.

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Fat sounding pick, but a little slippery

Comments Gravity Guitar Picks are a new player in the guitar pick market. Made from sheets of cast acrylic, they are engraved using a laser, cut into individual picks, and then they are grind and polished one by one into the finished product. They are a bit more pricey than most commercial mass produced picks. This is due to acrylic being harder to work with than a lot of the other plastic types used for guitar picks.

The 3mm Classic Standard and about the same size height-wise as a Jazz III pick, with a bit more width-ways.The one I received was a nice blue colour.

As one would expect, the 3mm Classic has a different tone to the 1.5mm model. The 3mm Classic Standard sounds quite a bit thicker, with much more low end presence than the thinner model. The attack is a little less sharp than the 1.5mm Classic Standard. What it lacks in definition it makes up for with punch. Chord strikes and single notes sound a bit heavier.

The extra thickness over the 1.5mm model is quite noticeable in the hand. The extra thickness makes the pick a little bit more slippery. I think it would be nice if the 3mm models had perhaps deeper laser etching to help with grip.

Liked about it Fat, heavy tone
* No flex from the pick.
* Good size.

Didn't like The thicker model Classic Standard is a little slippery due to it's thickness. It might have been better if the laser etched logo was a bit deeper to help with grip.
* May sound a bit muddy with thicker strings.

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By LonePhantom
Sep 21, 2011
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