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Gravity Guitar Picks Striker XL 3mm

There is only one choice when it comes to a hand made guitar pick. These picks are made one at a time and the final product definitely reflects that. 7 colors available.

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Great tone and feel

Comments I received my sample from Chris from Gravity picks a couple of weeks ago after reading that he offered a free sample pick. I normally use Dunlop Tortex picks because they don't slip out of my sweaty fingers when I play.

Before trying the sample pick from Gravity I hadn't tried picks made of acrylic. When it arrived I was surprised to see how eye-catching it was in its transparent orange colour. It gave an instant feel of holding a different level of class than the average mass-produced picks.

As the sample pick was a 3mm pick I thought it would be too thick for my electrics, so I dug out an acoustic guitar and played for half an hour. The pick stayed put between the fingers, the tones it produced was very lively and vibrant. I then switched back to a Tortex pick and noticed the big difference in tone and feel.

Though the Tortex picks is my favorite mass produced pick I was surprised with the difference in tone and playability with the Gravity pick.
Also worth noting is the lifespan of the Gravity picks compared to mass produced picks. Stay clear of extensive string scratching and pick-tapping and the pick will last for very long - which also will make the price a bargain compared to the average mass produced cheaper picks.

Liked about it - Superior tone
- Fantastic looks
- Long lasting

Didn't like - Would love the orange and blue colours available also on the 1.5mm picks.
- Would like to have the option of 1mm and 2mm picks as well as the current options of 1.5mm and 3mm.

Overall satisfaction:

By hp29
Feb 06, 2012
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