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Planet Waves Gripmaster

All musicians have one common instrument among them...their hands. The Gripmaster has been designed to maintain the health and performance of the fingers and hands. Musicians spend many hours practicing for proficiency. All have a common goal to develop and maintain strength, control, endurance, coordination, and dexterity to ensure their competitive edge. Gripmaster...

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Fun for a while, but does not replace real playing.

Comments I have one of these since the mid-90ties when they started to become popular. It still works as intended. They come in several strengths and are currently offered by various companies.

The GripMaster helps you to develop strength in your hands and fingers for guitar playing, but also sports that require lots of hand strength, such as rock climbing. "Playing" on a GripMaster, which is a mere squeezing-down of spring-reinforced square buttons for each playing finger, is awkward at first to put it mildly. It also only really trains downward movements and no finger interval stretching, so the exercise becomes fairly monotonous. Also, it really doesn't do anything if you just mildly press - as you would play guitar, that is. For some real muscle-work, you need to squeeze the whole thing with all fingers at once (=clenching your hand), or concentrate on individual fingers. It takes a massive amount of strength on the most rigid one to squeeze your pinky fully down.

I frankly think it's fun to have for a while, till you realize that it's only doing something if you include it into your practice regimen. I would much rather start rock climbing (which I do - and not because of the GripMaster, lol).

Liked about it - Small
- Fun
- Gives you the feeling of using something that will make you better.

Didn't like - Does not really make you a better player
- Very monotonous exercise form for hands
- Too nerdy for use in public.

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By cm_17
Apr 29, 2010
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Price: $6 to $6
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