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Ibanez MU30

Ibanez MU30 guitar tuner/metronome. Tuner functions: chromatic, adjustable temperament from 435-445Hz, built-in microphone, tone tuning mode. Metronome functions: adjustable tempo from 40-208bpm, beats from 0-7, tap tempo function, rhythm set for duplets, triplets, etc.

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My guiding light (sound?) for close to 4 years

Comments Before buying this tuner, I relied on online sound samples of tuned guitars to tune my instruments. After getting this device, I was then able to relieve myself of numerous headaches involving inaccurate online sound samples and tuning discrepancies. Instructions were easy enough to understand, and tuning was pretty quick and accurate. After getting the tuner I never left home for a gig without it :D The metronome is a nice added plus and has helped me hone my skills so much. My timing and sense of rhythm improved greatly due to it.

It's a very well-built thing, and while it doesn't have a particularly durable plastic shell, there are no particular risks for breakage unless you're a klutz who keeps on dropping his stuff on pavement.

To this day I still use it as my primary tuning and practice tool. In fact it's right beside me as I write this review.

Liked about it 1. quick and accurate
2. metronome
3. sound mode

Didn't like plastic shell could've been more rugged. however, my unit hasn't broken yet.

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By theapprentice
Feb 15, 2011
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Price: $18 to $18
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