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Korg MA-30 Digital Metronome

The MA-30 is the latest offering from Korg's innovative line of metronomes, with new features like volume control and sophisticated rhythms such as triplets and quadruplets with inner beats omitted.

Price: $8 to $27 at 3 stores
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Great for Solo Practice!

Comments The reason why I bought this metronome was for the headphone jack and volume knob. Little did I know, it had other features that I wasn't aware that I wanted. It has a TAP feature that allows you to tap a rhythm and get a good estimate as to how fast a piece is that you are writing or learning. There are 13 different rhythms to choose from to help navigate through a whole range of passages from 16th notes to triplets.

It is very small so you can take it with you. The headphone jack allows one to practice without the click disturbing others. It emulates all 12 pitches to make tuning easier or finding the right key.

Liked about it +Headphone jack and adjustable volume
+Reproduces a variety of rhythms
+The TAP feature

Didn't like +Would be better if it had an actual TUNER and in INPUT jack for that purpose
+Splits in half when accidently dropped (Needs to be more durable)
+Would be better if it went up to 240 and went as low as 30

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By psychokannibal
Mar 04, 2011
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Price: $8 to $27
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at 3 stores

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