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Levy's Leathers M7GG3 Leather Strap

3" garment leather guitar strap with garment leather backing and tri-glide adjustment. Adjustable to 65".

Price: $45 to $45 at 2 stores
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Expensive, but worth every penny.

Comments Choosing your strap is a learning curve, at least to me. You often start with what you get or can afford, then go to what your favourite player is endorsing before you test, try and eventually end up with what really becomes your favourite. After testing, wearing and tearing most brands and materials on the market I got a different strap from Levy's some months back. Now most leather straps comes in two parts; the main piece which is often padded and stiff, plus the adjustment strap, where you adjust the overall length of the strap. When you add strap locks on these type of straps you also designate the strap to the one guitar you measured it for. With this practical issue I coughed up for the M7GG3 strap from Levy's, as it can be adjusted in length using the same principle as ordinary fabric straps. In other words - great when you want the comfort of a leather strap where you also want the safety of strap locks and the freedom to switch between guitars.
And for the record - using the same length strap on an Explorer, RG and Les Paul doesn't mean the guitar hangs at the same height, as strap pins are placed differently on different guitar models.
So what else makes this strap special? After all it has a $90 price tag, so it has to be more than just convenient, right? Oh yes.
To be able to allow the traditional length adjustment, Levy's are using thin and soft leather. Combined with its 3" it makes heavy guitars feel lighter on your shoulder. The stiffness of traditional leather straps are also no issue with this model.
Length-wise it can be from bass player-short up to 65", which is very long. It is soft all the way with no elements that can scratch your instrument, and it is more than strong enough to hold the weight of the heaviest of guitars.

Liked about it - Incredibly comfortable strap.
- Easily adjustable also with strap locks.
- 10 different colours available.

Didn't like - Expensive.
- Traditional wireless transmitter pouches doesn't fit.

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By hp29
Dec 13, 2011
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Price: $45 to $45
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at 2 stores

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