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Gripmaster Exercise Tool - Medium

GRIPMASTER conditions the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm with a unit you can carry in your pocket. - - Professional sports trainers, athletes, and therapists use GRIPMASTER because of its unique ability to provide an effective isolated resistance workout. - - All athletes have a common goal to develop and maintain strength, control, endurance, coordination, and dexterity to ensure their competitive edge. - - GRIPMASTER is here to help you reach and accomplish your goals.

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Strengthen Your Fretting Hand!

Comments I am a little neurotic when it comes to practice and I needed a tool that could help me practice when a guitar wasn't readily available. This gets me warmed up more in 5 minutes than 30 minutes of chromatic exercises up and down the fretboard. I take it on planes when I'd rather be playing my favorite songs and it strengthens my fingers as it also relieves me of the feeling that I'm wasting valuable practice time. The strings feel super light and I feel like my playing is faster and more accurate.

It allows me to practice individual finger movements so I can zero in on my weak points (especially the ring and pinky). I use MEDIUM TENSION (RED), which has 7 lbs of pressure per finger which you will prepare you for any playing situtation even if you play bass or accoustic. It comes in 3-5-7-9 and even 11 lbs of pressure. Although, 7 is about the most you need unless you're like me and considering upgrading to 9.

The website is helpful and gives you a list of exercises and tips on not injuring yourself. Mind you, this is an exercise/warm-up/rehabilition tool. It's like a piece of gym equiptment for your hands. Read about it first.

WARNING: There are a lot of poor immitations that just aren't the same. Make sure you're getting the real deal.

Liked about it +Comfortable
+Gets Results

Didn't like +The rubber piece falls off (detachable for other exercises), but too easily.
+Painful to the finger tips at the beginning (takes time to get used to)
+Texture of the buttons at the top

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By psychokannibal
Mar 15, 2011
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