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Musician's Gear A Frame Electric Guitar Stand Featured

This A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand features rugged square-tube construction and holds an electric guitar safely and securely. The stand can also serve as a desktop mixer stand.

Price: $11 to $23 at 3 stores
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Surprising stand!

Comments When shopping for a new guitar stand, my criteria was simple. It needed to be durable enough to hold any of my guitars and not take up a bunch of space. It also needed to be inexpensive. When I stumpled upon the Musician's Gear A Frame Electric Guitar Stand, I knew I had to give it a shot. At ten bucks, how could I go wrong? I also liked the idea of trying an A frame stand, for a change.

Liked about it It's built sturdy, and can fold for storage. It has a locking mechanism for keeping the stand in the open position--adjustable too! The price was low enough to warrant the purchase. It has a fairly small footprint.

Didn't like I really like this stand, but have to point out a few things that this stand cannot do in relation to other inexpensive non-A frame guitar stands. Since it has no support neck, the only type of guitars it can hold are single and double cutaways--no Vs, Explorers, Destroyers, Rhoads, or other "pointy styles." Also because of the lack of support neck, guitars are held at a lower angle--this means that it has to be placed further away from a wall. While the body support cradles are big enough to accomodate thick guitar bodies, there is no way to secure a guitar in the stand--make sure to keep it away from high traffic areas, or someone can knock your guitar down.

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By AlaskaBat
Oct 13, 2010
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Price: $11 to $23
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