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Musician's Gear Braided Instrument Cable 1/4"

These affordable, entry-level cables sport nylon braiding that protects the cable against cuts and breaks caused by kinking, things falling on it, or things rolling over it. Available in different colors and a variety of lengths so you can outfit your whole rig and easily identify which cables go where.

Price: $122 to $122 at 1 stores
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Best 10-foot cable under $6.00

Comments I picked a few of the 10-foot Musician's Gear Braided Instrument Cables simply because they look cool and are inexpensive. It's always good to have a few spare cables laying around, so I decided to give these a shot. My daughter also wanted to have a green cable, and these come in four colors: black, blue, green, and red.

Liked about it These are cheap--only $5.89 for a 10-foot cable. They come in four colors. The ends are rubber coated, unlike other inexpensive cables that always seem to unscrew after a few uses. These cables also sound good--much better than expected at this price.

Didn't like The nylon braided coating will easily get scuffed and start to "fuzz out" over time. Not really a big deal, as long as the cable does what it's supposed to do.

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By AlaskaBat
Oct 13, 2010
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Price: $122 to $122
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