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Seiko ST-01 Chromatic Tuner

Stick style chromatic tuner keyring

Price: $16 to $16 at 1 stores
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Seiko ST-01 Chromatic tuner keyring featured

Comments This is a relatively cheap "stick style" portable chromatic tuner with a built in microphone as it has no input jack. It is a very basic tuner, however it does enable you do most functions of a regular full size or stomp box type tuner, just one you can slip into your pocket so you can always have one! Display shows the note in a small LCD display with little symbols indicating:
-50 to -26%, -25 to -11%, -10 to -4% -3 to +3%, +4 to +10, +11 to +25% and +26 to +50%
Also has # sharp symbol for alternate tunings.
Comes with keyring and little clip for attaching to a case or the like.

Liked about it Portable, I got this when i was doing Fly In, Fly Out and living half the time in a workers camp and I needed another tuner for my room there so I didn't need to remember to take my good one back and forth.
Does its job quite well.
Easy to use, once you remember the little symbols, (basically wait for the LED to say it is in tune and it is not an issue!) just an "on" button - it has auto off.
Little clip is handy to attach it to your case, so you don't lose it!

Didn't like Expensive battery. Not very common either.
Doesn't work with un-amplified electrics. Need some form of volume (I used my iGTR on computer speakers) or an acoustic guitar.
Not backlit display, and can make it hard to read.

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Jan 04, 2010
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Price: $16 to $16
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