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Snark SN-1 Tuner Featured

Clip on tuner - Full color display - Display rotates 360 degrees - Pitch Calibration - Built in visual metronome. - -

Price: $6 to $32 at 14 stores
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Snark SN-1 Tuner

Comments Over the years, I have bought many, many tuners. Some end up becoming a part of my arsenal, some I keep around but don't use often, while others become gifts to family members that are starting out. None of my tuners were piezo/clip-on tuners. I used other players Piezo/clip-on tuners in a pinch and wasn't impressed. That all changed when I gave the Snark a shot.

I saw the Snark SN-1 at under $10, so I said I have to give it a shot. I am sure glad I did. The Snark is a clip-on tuner that you simply clip it on to your headstock, turn it on, and it is ready for any string to be played. Easily transferred from guitar to guitar. A great tool for any guitar/bass player.

This tuner is hands down the best clip-on tuner I have ever used. I has also become my favorite overall tuner. So, much so, that I bought another one for the guitars that I play on another floor of my house (too lazy to get it every time I play on another floor).

Liked about it You will immediately notice that the display is very vibrant and easy to read. It remains easy to read, even outdoors where other tuners displays begin to become hard to read.

This tuner tracks incredibly fast. I was amazed at how well it tracks notes. Although, it work track the notes in your Yngwie-esque solo, I will track most notes at reasonable tempos. This unit can also be used for students learning the notes on the neck. It really tracks that well.

I leave mine on while I'm playing. It stays exactly where you place it, no matter how many 80's stage moves you make. In fact, it actually looks cool on the headstock. I have been asked if it was some kind of camera that recorded the neck while I'm playing.

Not only does it track fast, it also tracks very well. I have matched it up against several tuners, and the ONLY tuner that shows the note being slightly out is my strobe tuner. That's because the Snark has a 5 cent differential, and the Strobe has 1 cent. The human ear simply can't tell the difference. It actually tracked faster than the strobe :)

One other feature that the Snark has is a built in metronome. It's a visual metronome, not a click metronome, with tap tempo. It's an additional feature for an incredible tuner.

Didn't like I have to say that I have had 2 of these for well over a month and a half (long enough to get past the initial blindness of any new gear), and I have zero negatives against this unit. It rocks, PERIOD.

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By lespauled
Jul 16, 2011
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Price: $6 to $32
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