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Tone Finger-ease Guitar String Lubricant

Reduces Finger Tenderness-Stops string talk-Extends life of strings-Effective on steel-wound, nylon or gut strings-Smoothes finger callouses-Frequently used on other stringed instruments. Cleans and Protects - Leading string lubricant for over 35 years.

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Great for necks with a gloss finish

Comments I picked up a can of this stuff at my local guitar store, and I liked how well it worked. After testing it out on all of my guitars, I found out a few things:
-It'll make a smooth neck(Pretty much any Ibanez) almost too slippery to play. if you're used to having some friction on the neck to keep your hand stopping where it's supposed to, you'll have trouble at first with this.
-According to the instructions for my Parker Fly, it's not good for the guitar's carbon fiber neck to have this stuff used on it (it also doesn't like GHS FastFret)
-A new set of strings, especially Elixirs, will be way too slippery to play with this on them, just wait until the strings are a it broken in.
-This is perfect for necks with a gloss finish on them, such as some Fender models, because it coats the gloss and removes most of the friction and 'stickiness' that the gloss finish creates, allowing it to be played much faster than normal.

Liked about it -Perfect for slow necks
-Works as advertised. It simply removes friction
-The can lasts a while, unless you're constantly spraying all of your necks

Didn't like -No use if you have a fast thin neck to play on already
-It's easy to overspray and end up wasting all that you sprayed by cleaning it off
-Some residue ends up on your hand, not much of a problem if you own a sink.

Overall satisfaction:

By Jet9
Dec 01, 2010
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Price: $3 to $3
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I love this stuff. Works just as company describes. huge difference at first application

Comments Seems funny that a product would work as described, This product works much better then they even came close to claiming. Strings stay cleaner and protected much longer, makes cleaning strings and fingerboard alot easier. Is remarkable how much easier it is to play and callouses are not noticable and don't snag or peel like they did before use of product.

Liked about it 1. Makes slides and transitions much easier.
2. calouses are present but skin of fingers stays in good healthy shape. (No Peeling,Cracking etc.)
3. Playing is alot more comfortable since I started using product.
4. Apply to back of neck and buff and it makes slides nice and smooth also.
5. Actually smells pretty good too.
6. Priced quite affordable for how long container will last.

Didn't like 1. Does get a little overspray on body if not careful, (I have seen no issues other then having to wipe guitar down after playing) If you don't already.
Only comes in one size I have found, I think a areosol 2-3 times a big as one currently sold would be nice.
(current size last quite awhile I would like a bigger one for home and use smaller one to keep in guitar case)

Overall satisfaction:

By spudler_t
Mar 05, 2010
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Price: $3 to $3
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at 1 stores

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