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V-Picks Insanity

The V-pick Insanity is just that... a monster 11.85mm thick Cast acrylic Plectrum that was designed in mind for the player with hand injuries, Gypsy Jazz players, and quote- "The Insanity is the thickest guitar pick we make - 11.85mm. There are over 100 grinds involved in making this guitar pick, but its worth every one! Great for Gypsy Jazz playing. Its so easy to ho... - So, in all, will this tone block of a pick hold up to it's statements? Let's find out shall we?

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V-Pick's Insanity

Comments Watch my 20 minute video going over the aspects of the Insanity from V-Picks!
I try it out for a week and see how my technique is improved throughout just a week of playing!

V-Pick Insanity- Demo, Test and Impressions (video)

Liked about it Well, first off... I really liked the way it felt after a few hours of playing... it felt natural, easy to hold, my hands weren't tensing or gripping hard because of the brick-like...thing in my hand! it was great, and after a month of usage, My whole picking technique had gotten so much more relaxed.

I loved the fact that It actually helped my technique, the way it makes to play better or the notes won't ring out at all, you have to have the right amount of attack, angle and precision, it made me think about how bad my technique was before hand. I have sustained many injuries over my years of skating and landing on the same wrist many times, some days I can't move it, some days it's just very sore, but the fact I didn't have to clasp my hand whilst playing and the plain fact just...worked!?! It helped me out alot, not like many things on the market with the same aspirations unfortunately.

The last think I liked, was the guy doing it all, Vinni-he is such a kind dude, if he doesn't think that a certain pick is for you, even if you where going to pick a more expensive one, he will tell you, and that is quality customer service right there, but it doesn't end! He is frequently updating Youtube, with demo's of the picks and how they are better in many ways than certain...ehem other brands out there., He is always on tap to e-mail, he comes back with both informative essays, and kind replies, the man loves his work! He is a realist, working for the people and not for money.

Didn't like Now here we are with this pick, a great piece of kit that I strongly suggest you purchase, but when it comes down to the price, some of you with corinary problems may keel over...the pick costs a Whopping $34, which translates to around £21 or so, but you have to bear in mind the amount of material is being used, the hours that Vinni puts into making these, and they are hand made very well, but as Vin puts it Quote-"Are they perfect? Heck no! If you hold them up to the light, you will see each one has it's own flaws and characteristics. But each one is made with care, skill and attitude. Each one has it's own mojo, or else it gets thrown in the can".

There isn't much wrong with nitpicking begins here, even though they really aren't any concern to people...

The back of the pick is engraved with Vinnies face and the Vpick logo, I find that the engraving is a little destracting when I'm playing as you can feel it under your thumb, but it also is a good grip, so no worries.

On the actual picks themself's they are flattened off where you grip the pick, as you can see in the picture, if these where a little bigger then the V-pick motto "never drop your pick" could be more apparent, as there would be more surface area for my thumg to rest, therefore making it stick to my finger even more than it does.

It has it's drawbacks...but the pro's heavily outnumber the con's, I could go on all day about how it has changed my playing and how you all should give it a try, but we would end up, you all bored stiff, and no more paper!

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By AmateurGuitarist
Jul 01, 2011
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