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Planet Waves Varigrip Featured

Vari-Grip is the ultimate all-in-one hand, wrist, and forearm fitness tool. Safely and conveniently build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Our exclusive design features comfortable overmolded finger pads and allows you to adjust individual finger tension - from light to heavy - plus there's a built-in calous builder, providing all-in-one hand fitness...

Price: $5 to $21 at 18 stores
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Absolute must have Item for me, A must for rehabing injured hand featured

Comments Develop and maintain the strength and dexterity of your fingers and hands. I had just about ended any thought of ever playing a guitar or anything semi technical and requiring strength or dexterity. I used it daily to create finger independance and much needed strength and dexterity. In fall of 2007 I grabbed some steel plates at work attempted to move them and they stayed put but my left hand snapped and seperated from wrist to knuckles and I had to keep it imobolized for 6+ weeks. I never really did much rehab after I was able to work again. I noticed day 1 I had a problem with fretting and finger control. I bought this unit because it is adjustable per finger, it was well priced and I thought it was exactly what I needed. I was told all kinds of storys about gimmicks, waste of time, Does more harm, etc. etc. I have discarded every opinion I got. I am playing today and playing like I had never had anything almost remove my hand. I can play moderately fast runns, I have fantastic strength, And my control is amazing from what it was in May of last year. I still use it to do stretching of my middle to ring finger because I am still not able to get a fret between them above 9th fret.I also use the callous builder when I am away from guitar just to keep them active.

Liked about it 1.-Soft, over-molded finger pads for added comfort
2.-Individually adjustable tension for each finger allows the user to set the tension from x-light to hard
without purchasing a separate item
3.-Built-in, simulated guitar strings for building finger calluses.
4.-very easy on fingers tendons when first building up control, strength and stretchability.
5.-It is actually fun and stress releaving when on a bus or in a boring meeting or just have time to kill but no activities around.
6.-I have also noticed it helps me fall asleep I work with it and next thing I know its morning and I have to figure out where its hiding lol.
7.- THE BEST THING!!!! It did exactly what they advertised and I was looking for and I am able to play 10 X's better then I would be right now, if I had to do all the work I did on the Vari-Grip by only using the guitar neck and and having to have the guitar accessable to perform any exercise.

Didn't like 1.-I had to make a re-enforcment plate so when using callous builder you put even pressure on all springs. I
used a tongue depresser from my doctor and cut it to fit under reversable molded grip when covering finger
2.-The spring finger sliders need to be lubed with 3in1 or WD 40 or similar or it will start to bind after a
few weeks of usage. If lightly lubed though it works perfectly

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By spudler_t
Mar 22, 2010
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Price: $5 to $21
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at 18 stores

Build up finger muscles!

Comments This product is great for developing finger strength. After using this for about a week, it clearly makes shredding much easier. Its great to excercise with this before playing your axe or when you are watching TV or reading something. The package for this product shares some different ways to use this product to develop muscles and many other areas in the hand, such as the wrist. This product also contains a callous builder hidden behind the padding at the base.

Liked about it 1. Has a very nice durable spring that can also change the strengh.
2. More or less comfortable finger pad
3. Not too big device since I have a small hand

Didn't like 1. I'm not sure if I am using it right, but the callous builder doesnt work at all...
2. The springs could be little bit weaker to be easy on the 4th finger for people who just began to use this
3. Nothing else, maybe different colors?...

Overall satisfaction:

By mizukster777
Nov 30, 2010
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Price: $5 to $21
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at 18 stores

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