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Hercules Stands GS412B Single Guitar Stand


Price: $8 to $35 at 2 stores
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Comments Now the guitar stand is the most underrated product for a guitarist. Most people do not even think twice and simply buy stands "just because they are the ones the shop had available".
The first time your guitar falls off the stand or even makes a stage dive, is when most guitarists reconsider using good stands.

Now the Hercules Stands Single with its Folding Joke is of course in the premium class of stands. But do you really need such a stand?
Well I have road tested this baby for a long time and have to say: It delivers.
I have most of the time 2-3 electric guitars and 1-2 acoustics on stage and I really like to have them quickly available. The folding yoke makes putting in and taking out really easy. The angle of the stand is also very nicely fitted to the stands feet, so you never get accidental drops of your expensive guitars.
The whole constructing of the stand is rock solid, but still surprisingly light when folded, to carry around. Folding the stand for transport is also very easy with the simple click buttons.

Most important: The stand is very well padded, so no scratches from this stand so far. Although the padding is quite soft, it is also usable for guitars with vintage nitro finishing. I personally do not own such guitars, but a buddy of mine swears by this stand and he has several vintage Fenders and Gibsons that cost more than my house and he trusts this stand to keep 'em safe.

All in all this is absolutely my preferred stand at the time and I can recommend it to anyone for home use or on stage. Of course if you use more than 2-3 guitars on stage you might want to look into the similar stands from Hercules that can hold 2 or 4 guitars on one stand.

Liked about it + Build Quality
+ Ease of Use
+ Safety of the Guitar

Didn't like nothing to report

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Oct 01, 2010
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Price: $8 to $35
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at 2 stores


Comments Weight operated locking mechanism is a lifesaver, legs are long enough and sturdy enough to keep it from tipping in almost any condition. NIce bumblebee paint scheme too :)

Liked about it -Super Sturdy
-Well balanced
-Won't damage your neck joint like some others.

Didn't like -Kinda costly
- Wall mount version is sturdier.

Overall satisfaction:

Aug 18, 2009
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Price: $8 to $35
Compare Prices
at 2 stores

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