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K&M Guitar Wall Mount

The Guitar Wall Mount from K&M employs flexible support arms that hug the neck of any guitar for a secure fit. K&M uses an exclusive rubber coating on the wall mount that protects your guitar without marring its finish. K&M Guitar Wall Mount ...

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Nicely made wall hanger featured

Comments I bought five K & M guitar wall hangers to install in my studio recently. I was recommended them by the guys at my local music shop. I have a few other K & M guitar stands, and these wall hangers are built to the same high quality.

The supporting arms are nice and soft, so they shouldn't damage the finish of any of your guitars, and they are move in order to make sure your guitar neck is snugly held by the hanger. The arms are also long enough to hold large acoustic guitars safely away from the wall.

The only annoying thing with these wall hangers is that they do not come supplied with screws. I did need to hunt around my local hardware store to find some suitably long enough ones that would hold the hangers nice and securely to the wall.

Besides this they were a breeze to install. Find the studs behind the plasterboard walls. I have a timber stud finder for this, but you can bang on the wall, listen for the denser, harder, less resonant thud which should indicate that a stud is there. Just drill a small hole to check that there is indeed timber behind the plasterboard.

Drill a pilot hole for your screw, making sure the diameter is just a bit less than the screw not counting the thread, and then screw in the wall hanger, ensuring you use a level to make sure the hanger is level before drilling the second screw in.

When attached to the studs in your walls the wall hangers are extremely strong, and look like they could hold considerable weight, which means your guitars should be nice and safe while hanging.

Overall the K & M guitar wall mounts are a fantastic, well made product, which when installed properly will safely hold your guitars for many years. The only negative thing to note is that they are not supplied with screws, but that isn't too bad as they should be easy enough to find for you.

Liked about it Well built, made in Germany. Definitely not rubbish ones.
* Plenty of length on the arms
* Flexible arms ensure you guitar is held securely.

Didn't like Didn't come supplied with screws.

Overall satisfaction:

By LonePhantom
Apr 13, 2010
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First against the wall when the revolution comes

Comments I have used quite a few different designs of wall hanger in different houses and I am currently using 4 of these along with some others. TO be honest they are my least favourite for a few reasons:

They allow the guitar to hang quite close to the wall, which means that there is an increased chance of hitting the body on the wall and damaging the paint work. Acoustics actually sit about 1cm away, which is too close in my opinion.

Whilst they are simple to use and the arms are rubberised and well padded I find the lack of anything on the front of the jaw to stop a guitar sliding off if knocked is a bit of a fundamental design flaw. The arms do automatically adjust themselves to the shape of the headstock, but they don't hold them securely.

They came without any fixings, which in itself is annoying, but they also have quite a small diameter screw hole, which means that you are forced to used smaller screws than you might otherwise. The upshot of this is that of the 13 hangers I have installed these units only have light or cheap guitars hung on them.

They do work, and they are cheaper than the competition, but it is clear to see why.

Liked about it Cheaper than the really fancy hangers you can buy
Easy to install.
Rubberised arms protect guitars well

Didn't like Not a lot of space from the wall
Nothing to stop the guitar from coming off the front
Screw holes are quite small meaning that you can only get a thin screw in
No fixings supplied

Overall satisfaction:

By nickcoumbe
Jul 20, 2010
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