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The ADA T100S is an all tube, stereo guitar power amplifier. It is a Class-B tube amp, specifically designed for use with component guitar systems. The T100S will preserve all the tone and fidelity from your guitar, preamp and effects units, while delivering warm, clean, tube power to your speakers.

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A hidden gem of a power amp. featured

Sound I use this with my rack setup, in particular my ADA MP-1 (of course). The T100S was specifically designed with the MP-1 in mind, but would work with any other preamp.

I've used it with countless guitars/pickups, and varying effects and settings. Clean, distorted, high and low volumes. I can confidently say that the T100S delivers exactly what it promises, warm, clean tube tone.

It features two channels (A/B), at 50 watts each. It is not bridgeable; you cannot combine the output power too a single 100 watt mono channel. The 50 watts is probably plenty for all but very large venues anyway, it can be very loud. You can select different output ohm's for each channel as well, from 4, 8 or 16 ohm. In fact, each channel is basically 100% independent. You are also 100% safe in using only one channel at a time, by dialing the other channel volume to zero, which effectively cuts it off.

The unit takes 4 6CA7 (EL34) power tubes, and 2 12AT7 or 12AX7 tubes in total, two power tubes, and a 12AX7 per side; and you can replace tubes in one side at a time if you want.

As I said, it sounds great, packs lots of power and punch. At high volumes the power tubes will give you that sweet compression and bit of extra drive that any tube amp does. Different tubes do affect the final tone a little, but it is pretty slight, and always seems to sound good.

Reliability Mine is probably close to twenty years old. I got mine used, and haven't needed any service other than tube replacements and little contact cleaner on the channel volume pots.

Customer Support Unfortunately the ADA that made these no longer exists. The company has started making a limited number of effect pedal's again, but I doubt they'll ever support these again. You can find almost any help you need though from

Liked about it Warm, clean tube power. Fairly transparent, doesn't impart a whole lot to the sound. Of course, tube variations can effect the sound slightly.

Didn't like Lack of support and the fact that it weighs close to thirty pounds.

Overall satisfaction:

By blackspy
Jul 08, 2010
Last updated: July 15, 2010
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