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B-52 AT-212 100-Watt 2 x 12" Combo Tube Amp

The B-52 AT-212 100-Watt 2 x 12" Combo Tube Amp has a unique tri-mode rectifier that lets the rectifier section operate in Class A, Class AB, or even solid state modes! The B-52 AT-212's 100-watt RMS all-tube signal path delivers full-bore power for any venue while dual high-gain channels with independent 3-band EQs and assignable contour controls give you total sonic...

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Decent valued high gain amp featured

Sound This isn't my main amp anymore, but when it was I used a Gibson SG Special with and SH-14, and a Pearly Gates, along with a stock Epiphone LP Standard. This amp leans to towards higher gain music, and has a lot of features for being a mid level amp. One feature that is probably the probably the best is that it has a three way switchable rectifier, that can run in tube a, tube a/b, or solid state. Other features are it has three channels, two distortion (that switch from Marshally tones, to somewhat mesa like tones)with separate volume controls for each gain channel,as well as having a scoop knob that dips the mids out accordingly to taste. This amp also comes along with a clean channel that features a bright switch. The master volume section of the amp features a low res control which is very useful too, along with a reverb control.Another interesting point is this amp was designed by Bruce Egnater. This is noted by a stamp on the back of the amp.

I usually play a wide variety of music from newer alternative bands such as saosin, taking back Sunday, to more progressive stuff such as dream theater, and Satriani, and also a bunch of jazz. This amp can get around most of those tones pretty well. The distortion on it is quite in your face, and also can have a tendency to be generally noisy when the gain the is over half way on the distortion channel two-After awhile I started to use a Boss NS-2 to quiet down the amp a bit, along with shielding the top of the chassis. Another very important note is this amp is extremely noisy also because of having a fan to cool it down. This is very audible on the distortion channels. I know the fan is a revision to the amp because of overheating issues on early models. Another thing to point out is that to me the distortion channels have a somewhat hollow feeling which I didn't like-even with playing with the scoop knob, it still had some odd hollow feeling to it. If I started to use this again I would probably run a EQ through the loop.

The highlight of this amp to me is the clean channel. I love the clean channel on this amp because you can adjust the break up of it with the switchable rectifier on the back. If you use the solid state setting, you can get some close sounding jc chorus tones that don't break up even at high volumes. If you switch to tube a/b you can get a little bit of break up which is useful too. In all definitely the best part of this amp.

Reliability Reliability hasn't been known to be the greatest on this amp. Personally, mine has never broken down, but I have hear of many people having issues with the overheating. Apparently it is a bias issue that can be corrected-personally if I continued to use this as my main amp I would be getting that done. Two other very important points to bring up about this amp is that the reverb is horrible and unreliable, and the cabinet/tolex seems to be made of cheap material. The reverb is apparently another known issue and is something I really have an issue with. Apparently once again there are mods to fix this. Lastly, the tolex and wood are this amp are low quality. The tolex falls apart with just normal movement of the amp, and I have had the wood split on the back of the amp when removing the cage for a retube. Wasn't too happy about that. I have to say if you bring this amp out, treat it with a special amount of care. I don't know if it would last too well with any normal road abuse put on it.

Customer Support I actually did have to deal with the company to get a replacement ac outlet on the amp due to the original breaking. They were easy to get spare parts with. Just needed to call them, and they were able to ship a new one out at a cost(probably a good thing being able to get spare parts easily on this amp)

Liked about it 1-The clean channel- I loved the channel because of its versatility with the tri-rec mode. Basically to me this is the selling point on this amp.
2-The tri rec options- I enjoyed having the tri rec options of tube a/b,tube a, and solid state. There definitely was a ton of options with you tone, and for me this is probably the second selling point of the amp.
3-Low Res Knob- The Low Res Knob is a feature I like because it really made it easy to control were you are in the low end spectrum with out messing the main eq. This made it easier to switch from guitars with more a trebly focus to guitars with more of a low end focus. That is important to me.

Didn't like 1-Reverb-The reverb is horrible. Maybe I am being a little harsh but I generally thought that it wasn't usable in any context because it wasn't audible usually.
2-Tolex-The tolex is cheap as anything. If it was a main road amp, it would definitely be retolexed to better material.
3-Noise-This amp does pick up noise easy, to be prepared to run an eq or noise suppressor through the loop, along with possibly shielding the top of the chassis of the amp to quiet down the fan a bit.

Overall satisfaction:

By mgk321
Apr 06, 2011
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