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B-52 AT100 Guitar Amplifier

B-52's All tube (6-sovtek 12ax7 pre-amp tubes, 4-sovtek 6L6 power tubes, 1-sovtek 12at7 reverb tube, and 1-sovtek 5AR4 rectifier tube)3 channel, 100w guitar amplifier w/ tri-mode tube rectifier, tube reverb tank and low-resonance control.

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Monster Tone at a GREAT price- Marshall Killer!! Look out Mesa.... featured

Sound Guitars: 1990 Ibanez "USA custom" Dimarzio "Tone Zone"-bridge, "Evo2"-neck. 2002 Ibanez RGT3120 Dimarzio "Fred"-bridge, "liquifire"-neck. 1998 Ibanez Universe UV777PBK DiMarzio "Blaze"-all positions. 2008 Ibanez RG1527 DiMarzio "X2N-7"-bridge, "Blaze"-middle, "Crunch Lab-7"-neck.

Music Style: Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Instrumental Metal/Rock, Cinematic Metal/Rock, 80's Hair Metal, Jazz, Blues, Hard Rock, Classic Rock.

Now that is all out of the way........ On to the B-52. With my wide range of musical tastes, I've always been in the market for new amps. I've truly played them all. While browsing my local GC, I stumbled on this clearance item B-52 AT-100 (clearance priced at $475.00) In short, If this amp has the guts to last ten years or more (only time will tell) I will NEVER have a need for another Marshall Amp again, especially when you can buy 3 of these and a cab for the same price as a new JCM-800 2203. The first thing you need to know is that this amp was completely designed by Bruce Egnater. This fact will be abundantly clear the first time you fire it up.If versatility is what you need, I urge you to check this amp out. I bought two!! The first one is being modified, the second one is now taking the place of my JCM-800, Peavey JSX, and Gallien-Krueger 2100sel. I play this head through two different cabs. The first is a custom G-K 412 loaded w/two celestion G12T75's and two "vintage 30's, this cab is wired in true stereo 8 ohms per side. The second cab is a Genz-Benz G-flex 412, 4 ohms per side. I use the Genz for brutal, 7-string rhythms and any other situation where the low end has to be huge. The custom G-K is for soloing and clean's. The cleans in this head are CRYSTAL clear and very deep. Imagine two large bells being chimed in harmony, one of them right next to you and one 20 feet away. That's depth!! The clean channel has a three band parametric EQ section with an additional "bright" switch. The range of tone is so highly definable that I doubt you'll have trouble finding yours- I definitely found mine. At outdoor stage levels (channel-7,master-8) the cleans remain unchanged from lower levels with absolutely ZERO breakup!!! The reverb also sounds best on the clean channel.

On to the distortion channel: This Channel has to completely independent gain channels in one. They are fully switchable from either the head or the supplied foot-switch. Gain one is set up to directly target the Marshall lineup. I have experimented in great depth with this channel and been able to reproduced every 70's classic rock and 80's hard rock Marshall tone that I could think of, but where this channel REALLY shines is for blues and blues rock. The clarity from the clean channel travels over well, and the gain control is very linear. Unlike many other amps that go from some gain to full-on almost instantly, this one can be dialed smoothly and efficiently. This channel's max distortion (Gain-10 and the rectifier set to "SS") is only slightly less than that of my MESA "Dual-Rec" on full load, but it has better low end definition and crisper attack.. With the rectifier set to "Tube-AB" there's slightly less attack and the low end is a little looser but the tone is warmer and less over-driven. With the rectifier set to "Tube A", the tone is very warm and vintage like, VERY bluesy.
Now for the MONSTER! The second gain channel was designed for all the hard-core metal players out there. With the rectifier set to "SS", the resonance set to 10 (full mid-scoop), low-res set to 10 and gain to 10 this amp is an absolute brutal take-no-prisoners, death box. There's just no other words for it. With the Genz cabinet, the low end is uber-tight and very menacing. (note: on this channel I also use an ART 351 31-band EQ with 6db boost in the effects loop). If your looking for a distortion level in between these two channels, it is readily available through the rectifier or gain control.

Other nice features:
1; This amp IS load switchable from 16-8-4 ohms, so pretty much any cabinet you have can be used but your cabinet MUST be able to handle the low-end!!! If you hear low-end flutter with this head... ITS YOUR CABINET!!! not the head.
2; Very sturdy foot-switch with channel, gain, reverb, and effects switches
3; effects send/return WITH level control
4; line out WITH level control
5; tough-as-hell birch box design

Reliability I have read a few reviews about the AT-212 combo amp getting too hot and frying, and to be honest....... the transformers in these heads do get hot.... enough so to make me mention it. I said earlier that one of my heads was going out for mods...... the tranny is being replaced with a "mercury magnetics" unit along with their choke just to see how brutally I can push the low-end. (its also going to another shop to have a stereo chorus installed in the head ala G-K) If your transformer does go out..... have no fear.... B-52 support is second to none (see below)
BTW....... I always have a backup when on a gig.........who doesn't??

Customer Support Phenomenal!!!!! even before buying the head I called B-52 customer support and asked about the heat problem because I was going to buy one of their amps. The Tech said the heating problem was really only with AT-212 but just in case, he sent me out a fan kit with wiring diagrams. WOW, I hadn't even BOUGHT the head yet!!!!!

Liked about it 1. Absolute versatility- I wish I could better describe how great this thing is better
2. Tone stays true at ALL volume levels...... WILL NOT BREAK UP!!
3. Price..... Seriously?? $600?? this thing is TRULY worth 3 times that. THIS AMP IS NO BUGERA BULLS***!!!!

Didn't like I love everything about it, but I do worry about the heat thing.... only time will tell. I'm deducting half a star for it even though I've never had a problem..... I shouldn't have to worry about it.

Overall satisfaction:

By RGTFanatic
Nov 11, 2010
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Best tube amp in it's price range!

Sound I've plug several guitars into this head--from RG-550s with TZ/AN pickups to Jem777s with PAF Pros, and so on. The amp is crisp, clear, crunch and smooth in all modes. This beast sports 12 tubes, and just screams! The clean channel is very clear and articulate, while retaining some nice warmth. The crunch channel really has two channels available in this mode--Gain 1 and Gain 2. The sounds from this head are very reminiscent of a modified Marshall JCM800. You can get some "very" 80s metal tones from it. The clean tones can go from bubbly strat tones to jazzy warm.

Reliability So far, so good! It's built like a tank and weighs about 60 lbs. The switches and knobs are metal and sturdy. It does get a little warm, but has caused no problems.

Customer Support N/A

Liked about it I love the 2 gain channels. Gain 1 is more like a classic rock crunch, while gain 2 is an over-the-top 80s metal crunch. The footswitch has buttons for selecting either gain channel, the clean channel, reverb and even the effects loop--all with LED indication. The tones this this cranks out are what hooked me the most. I also like the fact that it has a knob on the back for going between class a, class A/B or solid state--very nice feature.

Didn't like If I had to complain even a little bit about this head, it would be the weight.

Overall satisfaction:

By AlaskaBat
Sep 17, 2011
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The best amp you'll ever get for the money!

Sound ' All-Tube Signal Path
' Tri-Mode Rectifier: Tube - Class A or AB,
' Solid-State - Class AB
' Overdrive Channel: Gain 1 and Gain 2
' Each with Independent Master Volumes,
' 3-Band EQ, Assignable Contour Control
' Clean Channel: Master Volume, 3-Band
' EQ and Bright Switch
' Global Controls: Volume, Low-Res
' (Resonance) and Reverb
' Effects Loop with Level Controls
' (Footswitchable)
' Line Out with Level Control
' Selectable 4 / 8 / 16 Ohms External
' Speaker Jacks
' 4-Position Footswitch: Channel, Gain,
' Reverb and Effects Loop
' Ground Lift Switch

The clean channel on this amp reminds me of vintage Fender amps. It's crystal clear even at high volumes. The 2 distortion channels can be set up any way the user wants. You can have 1 channel set just on the verge of tube breakup and the other channel can be set at full out high gain distortion.

The amp is very easy to use. It's straight forward, just tweak your tone settings and set the distortion channels the way you like and play.

Reliability This amp seems to be built like a tank. The cabinet construction is 13 ply birch and the chassis is thick metal.

Liked about it I love having 2 different distortion channels. The amp is very easy to use. The construction is very heavy duty.

Didn't like Nothing.

Overall satisfaction:

By navybass
Apr 09, 2011
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