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BlackStar HT 20 Studio Combo

BlackStar Two channels 20 watt tube amp

Price: $200 to $499 at 15 stores
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Sound Man'.this thing roars. I purchased on the phone without testing because I have played HT 5 combo before and I remember I like the overdrive channel. I was hoping BlackStar might improve the clean channel and I was right. Maybe 12' driver plays a good part, it's really opening and deep but not sparkle clean like Fender or Mesa but hey look at the price tag. No compliant here, I got more than I expected.

The drive channel, that's what this amp is about. A lot more gain than HT5. I play master volume less than half, around 10-11 o clock, gain sets at 12-1 o clock, give me 80' rock tones instantly AC/DC, GNR, Aerosmith, Scorpions etc. Plenty of gains at 3 o clock to beyond reach from Skid Row, Ozzy, Van Halen and Metallica to modern metal territory. that's what I have been looking for. 80's Marshall crank tones in reasonable low volume (not bedroom level though). ISF is a nice feature that you can shape from British to US voicing and I like UK side of thing. Digital reverb is okay, nothing fantastic.

Tested with Ibanez limited edition Prestige 2820 (Dimazio/IBZ pickups), Ibanez JEM 90th (Dimazio Evo pickups), Gibson LP Classic (stock pickups), PRS custom 22 (Dragon II pickups)
This amp particular sounds particularly very good with PRS I must admit.

Last night, I tested with BOSS Super Drive (SD1) and effectively I have created four channels. Clean, Light overdrive (clean channel + SD1), amp overdrive, over the top distortion but with liquid sustain (channel 2 + SD1). I presume you can achieve this with any other overdrive pedals too.

Absolutely brilliant, I don't think you can find any other tube amp with this price tag and sounds/features in the market at present. I would recommend this amp to anyone who demands great tones for both practice and pub/club gigs with reasonable budget. Basically you can dial anything from classic rock to Modern Metal.

Reliability I just got it, so we will see.

Customer Support I email them about a question and they come back next day.

Liked about it outstanding tone.

Didn't like shared EQ.
Clean and reverb can be improved.

Overall satisfaction:

By xklusivly4u
Feb 19, 2010
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Price: $200 to $499
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at 15 stores

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