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Blackstar HT Stage 100 Featured

Working musicians will love Blackstar's HT Venue series of tube amps. They offer all the tones you want plus the road-ready reliability you need. The HT Stage 100 head pumps a hearty 100 EL-34-fired watts, and its three footswitchable channels give you everything from crystalline clean tones (British and American) to raging, sustaining distorted sounds. You even get a...

Price: $43 to $649 at 9 stores
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Great amp for the price featured

Sound My current rig is as follows:
Schecter C-1 Elite with DiMarzio SD in bridge and PAF Pro in neck>
Xotic BB Preamp>
Front of Amp

(In the loop):
FX Send>
Eventide Timefactor>
TCE Corona Chorus>
FX Return

This thing sounds killer for rock. It really is an underrated amp. I bought mine $800 out the door, which is unheard of for a 100w tube amp. It came with footpedal and speaker cable. This thing can get downright SMOKING LOUD. I haven't had the pleasure of running it through a 4x12 yet, but I have run it through 2-2x12's which is certainly enough (even in an isolation room). It has a really really nice clean. I honestly was not expecting such a good clean for the price but it sounds awesome. The 2 channel is where it really shines to me. It does straight rock tones like a champ. There's 2 modes for each channel so you can switch between a more modern (tighter bass) sound vs a vintage sound (I keep mine on vintage). 2 channel sounds fantastic, anywhere from light gains for rhythm to lead sounds. The third channel is where the amp kind of falls IMO. It's a very very biting trebly lead doesn't really mix all that well with the 2nd or first channels on either mode. However, it can do some ok metal sounds/hard rock rhythm sounds. A lot of people on the Blackstar forums say that a tube change does wonders to this thing so I might try swapping the preamps in a couple of weeks. However, the amp stock from the factory sounds pretty good.

The reverb to me isn't the best, but it's built in an 800$ amp so I can't really complain. I'll probably just pick up a neunaber wet or TCE hall of fame.
All in all it sounds really great for the price.

Below is some gain and tone tests (nothing fancy) for all channels
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Reliability It's the only amp I use and I depend on it. It has stopped working randomly for a couple of seconds but I think that was due to a loose speak cable connection. I will say that this amp puts out some heat, so make sure not to put anything above the ventilation ports.

Customer Support I have never personally dealt with the company, but everyone on Blackwater Forums say they're pretty good.

Liked about it 1. Price
2. # of Channels
3. Sound! Absolutely can't beat the price for the options

Didn't like 1. I have yet to find a useable tone for the 3rd channel, it doesn't really mix with the other 2 channels. Maybe a tube change will help things out. If you want some straight metal tones and that's all you're better off going with a 5150 or 6505. But if you want some versatility, go for it!

Nothing else! For the price it gets a very high rating from me.

Overall satisfaction:

By GroovyTubes
Dec 12, 2011
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Price: $43 to $649
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at 9 stores

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