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Bogner Ecstasy 101b Head

This is the legendary Bogner head that will give you the best of the British and American tones and a few unique ones as well. Built with the highest quality components and such amazing attention to detail, this tube amp is the gold standard for amplifiers that "do it all".

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Jaw-dropping tones, easy on the eyes and supreme flexibility featured

Sound I play a wide variety of styles and mostly stick with my endorsement guitars (Suhr, McNaught) but I also have a Warrior, a pair of Ibanez guitars and couple of Deans. So this amp is really an accepting host for my guitars to express their inner beasts on. Let me also say that I have owned (and reviewed here) an H & K TriAmp as well and although I really dig that amp, I wanted to try something new this year. The TriAmp is so unbelievably flexible I took a chance on another boutique-style amp.

Enter the Ecstasy... I first tried one of these years ago at a small store in my home town of Pittsburgh, PA and I was less-than-impressed. Then, I tried it again - it was pretty sweet sounding. Early this year, I tried this out and I was pleasantly blown away. I was pretty floored just how many tones this amp got and the fact that you can trim the output makes it so you don't kill people in small venues. You get a 7-button footswitch (which I don't use) and access to all of the tonal characteristics.

Three channels: Green, Blue and Red. Green is clean - sweet clean. Sparkly clean - in fact, very clean for an amp that will rip your head off. The Blue channel is aptly named because it is outstanding for blues, country, basic rock tones, etc... The Red channel? Well, let's just say it's scary. I must mention that this amp is being controlled by a T.C. Electronic G-System. Within the loops of my G-System I am using a Keeley compressor, an EVH Phase 90, a Suhr Riot and the ISP Decimator G. I use the 4-cable method with this amp and I also have the midi interface for it. With these premium stompboxes attached, it has made this amp shine. And keep in mind, they're just there to "color" the sound. The overall sound of the Ecstasy is amazing and you can get just about any tone you need out of it.

As a side note: My Bogner rig is separate from the rig that I use live. This is mainly a recording rig and what I call a "big gig" rig. If one of my bands gets a big live show, I'll use this.

Reliability I haven't had it long enough to test it but it did see one live show and it performed admirably. I usually never gig without a backup so it's hard to say if I would go down that road.

Customer Support I have dealt with them. They are super cool, friendly and courteous. They really, REALLY know their stuff!

Liked about it First, I will say that I never paid enough attention to tube amps for a long time because I was able to dial in such scary good tones from a few Line 6 amps that I had. This amp is able to get a serious array of tones and most importantly, it isn't an amp that isolates itself in that if you add a few pieces of rack gear and a few pedals the tone gets lost. It still sounds like a Bogner! Next, I would say the fact that it has three very distinct channels and they all have their own life is a huge plus. Lastly, I love the fact that there is a midi interface available (sold by another company) and that it has THREE power output sections (100W, 50W and 25W).

Didn't like It would be nice if Bogner offered the midi interface. You can get it from Axxess Electronics. That coupled with the price of the Bogner can be pretty expensive. However, you DO get what you pay for. Also, this is minor, but I wish some of these amp makers would just add a good reverb control. If only just for a little wetness. My H & K TriAmp didn't have that either and I think it would be nice to have if I just wanted to unhook it from my rig and just play thru it. Just Sayin'...

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By clubshred
Sep 24, 2010
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