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Bogner Shiva 80W 1x12 and Reverb Tube Guitar Combo Amp with EL34s

The 80W 1x12 Bogner Shiva Reverb Tube Guitar Combo Amp features two highly evolved channels, capable of clean tones that shimmer with tube saturation that's rich and powerful. An included foot-switchable boost functions for both channels, and is variable for channel 2. - - Equipped with EL34 tubes and 80 watts, the Bogner Shiva guitar amplifier has a nice throaty growl with aggressive English-style midrange to punch through the mix. The sweet/rich sounding reverb option offers individual level controls for each channel. Don't need reverb on the clean channel but need a bit on the high-gain channel? The reverb dial brings out just the right level needed. The 80W Shiva amplifier also has a Tube-buffered series FX-Loop. The 1x12 Bogner tube amp features a revolutionary ported speaker enclosure that sounds very full, almost like a 4x12 cabinet. There is more than enough bass response to rearrange your living room furniture, if needed.

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World class amp

Sound I generally use a humbucker guitar (LP or Tele Deluxe) through a pedalboard and into the front of the amp. The Bogner Shiva is a warm-dark sounding amp with a modded Marshall sound. Pretty mid boosted. This amp has 2 channels a great overdrive and the best clean EL34 based tone I've heard. It has a 3 button footswitch for channel switch, reverb (independent level for each channel) and boost. I play in a couple of cover bands, and average 2 shows a week, I get a load of compliments on the tone of this amp from soundmen as well as patrons. The amp cuts through a mix but never gets shrill. I've never been asked to turn down. The only downside I would say there is on the amp is pedals though the effects loop there is a drop in level overall. Nothing that bothers me too much, I just happen to notice it. The combo I have is a sealed cab ported in front. Sounds very much like a loaded 4x12 cabinet.

Reliability I've never had an issue with this amp, been playing at least 2 shows a week for over 6 months with it. I always have a backup, but have never even taken it out of the car.

Customer Support I've not had to contact them other than emailed a question about purchasing a second footswitch, they answered promptly.

Liked about it Fantastic clean tone
great overdrive tone
has everything I need in an amp

Didn't like weight - approximately 80 lbs - but that's why it sounds so darn good.
bit of drop in level with pedal effect in the effects loop

Overall satisfaction:

By torgeot
Jul 28, 2011
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