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Celestion Vintage 30

Back in 1986 a new breed of hard rock player was on the rise. To meet the demands of the players and their increasingly 'hot-rodded' amplifiers, we set out to develop a modern speaker, capable of handling much more power and overdrive. To achieve this, we coupled our 'H' magnet (the closest in performance to Alnico) with a new cone and voice coil employing contemporary... - Our most revealing speaker, the Vintage 30 features enormously detailed and complex overtones, a warm low-end, a famously rich vocal mid-range and a beautifully detailed top-end. Used singly to reveal the complexities in hand-wired boutique amps, or in quartets for a wonderfully intricate vintage 3D crunch, the Vintage 30 sound has been captured on thousands of recordings from a diverse range of notable players including Slash, Steve Stevens and Peter Frampton.

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A classic loud speaker featured

Sound I installed one Celestion Vintage 30 speaker into the 1x12 speaker cabinet I use with my Blackstar HT-5. I found that the stock Celestion Super65 that was in the cabinet a little too dark, and slightly muddy.

Straight after installing the Vintage 30 I set up my delay/loop pedal, recorded a loop of some guitar riffs, and left it all running at high volume for an hour at a time to help break in the speaker. I did this a few times, with different types of riffs and licks that covered the main range of the electric guitar.

After breaking in the Vintage 30 I noticed my tone had improved. The low end was tighter and less muddy, and the mid-range was quite vocal, just like Celestion say. The highs were rich, and not at all harsh.

I found that playing through the Vintage 30 was almost like lifting a blanket off the speaker cabinet. My Blackstar HT-5 sounded pretty nice through my old Super 65 speaker, but the Vintage 30 speaker was far more three dimensional, and all the harmonics and overtones just popped out.

Overall I have found the Celestion Vintage 30 to be a fantastic speaker that compliments my amplifier. Everything sounds so much more rich and vibrant, and the speaker is capable of handling lots of volume. I'd encourage anyone that is playing a Blackstar HT-series amplifier to try the Vintage 30 to see how much of a difference it makes to the overall tone of their rig.

Reliability Celestion are a well known UK brand that have been around for decades. They may have moved their manufacturing offshore to China, which may be a concern to some, both tonally and structurally. I can say that structurally the Vintage 30 I have is extremely solid, and feels like it will last for years. I wouldn't worry too much about a speaker breaking in any way during a gig unless it was severely under rated for the wattage coming from the amplifier.

Customer Support I haven't personally dealt with Celestion. The Australian distributor was absolutely woeful though. It took about 9 months to arrive at my local music shop. This was definitely not the fault of the shop as the distributor is well known for having terrible customer service, and are not good with dealing with orders in a timely manner.

Liked about it Fantastic upgrade for my rig, adding a whole new dimension to my tone.
* Solid speaker, looks like it will last.
* Capable of a lot of volume.

Didn't like I worry that the speaker I have (Chinese made) may not be as nice tonally as the UK made ones.

Overall satisfaction:

By LonePhantom
Jan 29, 2011
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Price: $60 to $499
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at 19 stores

Outstanding speakers

Sound The guitar I run primarily is a '87 MIJ Fender Stratocaster. The pickups are Dimarzios... Single Coils neck and mid, with an angled humbucker at the bridge position. I prefer cleaner pickups because Mi amp is very hot. It's a Mesa Boogie TriAxis, with various power amps. The Celestions are very well defined, with lots of harmonic overtones. The delay trails with harmonic cascades from Mi Eventide Eclipse are showcased by these outstanding speakers. The clean always sparkles, even at high volume. Since the break in, (roughly 12 "amp hours") the speakers have mellowed out. The treble is a little harsh before the break in. But the lows still pop. Great contour. I love these speakers!

Reliability I believe I can depend on these speakers. I would worry about Mi soldering job going bad before the speakers. I can't afford a backup amp, so I will have to live dangerously...

Customer Support I bought the speakers new at Hollywood Carvin, November B.F. 2011. But I was concerned when I found out they were made in China, and not the U.K. as Celestions always have been...

Liked about it 1. Punchy lows.
2. Deliberate, piercing highs.
3. Great clarity at high volumes. PLENTY of headroom!

Didn't like Made in China...?

Overall satisfaction:

By 999
Jan 06, 2012
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Price: $60 to $499
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at 19 stores

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