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Crate BV412S Blue Voodoo Angled Guitar Cabinet (200 Watts, 4x12 in.)

overview specs - Product Description - zZounds is an - authorized dealer - For those prepared to rock Crate introduces the full-size BV412SV/SVB enclosures. Available in either blue or black, each slant front cabinet is loaded with 4 x 12 in. Crate Vintage speakers wired for stereo/mono operation. Each enclosure is port tuned and features 3/4 in. quality checked, void-free Birch wood, a protective metal grill, and fixed casters for easy transportation. - - Matched to the BV120 heads, the BV enclosures are the other half of Crate's endorser's soul shaking sound. Made for professional musicians, these enclosures are perfect for serious music enthusiasts.

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A great-sounding budget cabinet that's got that VooDoo

Sound The Crate Blue VooDoo cabinet came in two varieties: one with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers and another with Crate/Eminence speakers. This one has the Crate/Eminence speakers and sounds great. For blues and rock this cabinet does an excellent job. The cab is switchable between 4 and 16 ohms mono or 8 ohms stereo. Running stereo with a good delay this cab gets great separation. The speakers break up early but not too early. You can get sparkling cleans, gritty blues, and metal mayhem with this cabinet. With high-gain applications the upper mids and highs really cut through the mix. Additionally, these speakers are 30 Watts making it a 120-watt cabinet. For the price, this is a great full-featured cabinets. I've put other speakers in this cabinet and in truth, the stock speakers sound the best punctuating the point that the cabinet was well thought-out.

Reliability Never had a problem with this cabinet. Solid as a rock and casters come standard.

Customer Support I dealt with Crate customer support with respect to another product and they took care of it promptly and courteously.

Liked about it Casters standard--easy to move around.
Great tone for rock and blues.
Standard switchable between mono and stereo--flexible cabinet.

Didn't like 30-watt speakers equal 120-watt cabinet. Not safe to use with higher-wattage heads such as the Diezel Herbert, Blackstar Series One 200, ENGL Invader 150, etc.

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By racerevlon
May 20, 2012
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