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Crate TX15 Taxi 15-watt battery powered amp

15 watt battery powered amp - 8" speaker with piezo tweeter - 2 channel input - XLR input on first channel for use with mics - RCA CD input - 4 band EQ - 1/4" headphone jack

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Great on the go sound featured

Sound I bought this little guy for some busking I was doing with a calypso jazz trio to be able to compete against road noise with my steel drum and djembe playing friends. It has been a fantastic amp for me over the last 3 years in so many more ways. I used it for a long time mainly as a street playing amp. Because of it's battery operation I could play amped anywhere. It gets great battery life and is loud despite its size. There is only one, clean, channel and it has good headroom as a solid state 15 watt amp. The 4 band EQ allows a fair amount of tweakage. The smaller speaker does not offer tremendous bass response, but in a group conext, it cuts through the mix effortlessly. I've enjoyed taking it to band practices and plugging in the stereo outs of a multi-effects pedal into it's two inputs. This increases the volume to gig levels. That's correct, I said gig levels. I've played 100 person shows in bars with drums, bass and another guitarist on a 120 watt amp and was still heard and able to solo. I was impressed but everyone else was amazed. I also worked great as an amp for my accoustic as it's more similar to a PA with the XLR input than a guitar amp in its amplification. It does not break up at the volumes I've played it. I now use it mostly with a multi-effects pedal to enhance it's tonal options and I recommend that route as it can be a little dry without effects and additional EQ.

Reliability I've played out with it probably around 40-50 times in various settings from street jamming to bar gigs and it has always performed well. I make sure to charge it up before these. While I've never tested the claims of 8hr battery life, I've never had a problem with 1-3 hour gigs.

Customer Support Never contacted them.

Liked about it 1. It goes anywhere, no outlet required.
2. Great battery life.
3. Using both channels, I've been able to play small gigs with it and it cuts through the mix fantastically.

Didn't like 1. Small speaker doesn't do much for bass response.
2. Only one channel.
3. Can be a little dry and boxy without some additional EQ but I've found it works really well my Korg Toneworks AX1500.

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By smooth55
Aug 13, 2009
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